DIY Broom Making: I Made a Sweeping Broom For My Gateman

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Hello Readers Cash

Today, I will be talking about how to make a sweeping broom for yourself but before I will be talking about that, I will be telling you what made me make the broom myself without buying it from the market.

Sometimes, I like giving a try to some things I actually know that I can make by myself, and the broom turns out to be one of the amazing things I like making. It has been a long I did something like making a broom myself but It was actually what I have to try again.

The last time I made a broom was 21 years ago when I was still in primary school because our teacher used to make it compulsory that every student must present five brooms which will serve as a means of paying school fees. The was a class back then in primary school that we used to attend and learn about different skills or craft work that could be of help to us in the future and today broom-making turn out to be one of those that I learned when I was still in primary school. The name of the class that taught different skills in primary school in Nigeria is known as Handy Craft Class.

Back then in the handy craft class in primary school, our teacher used to teach us about different craft work like broom making, shoemaking, furniture work, and sometimes electrical works.

Although then in primary school, I was not taken them seriously but I make sure that I have the knowledge of the skills after the lesson.

Why I decided to make the broom:

About three days ago, I noticed that the compound is living was very dirty for that reason; I have to call on the gateman securing the house and asked him why the compound was very dirty.

Our gateman told me that was no broom for him to use in sweeping the compound. I had no option but to think of trying what I used to do back then in primary school thereby giving it try again if I can actually make a complete broom but at the end of my trial, I noticed that I finally made the broom for our security man.

Before I completed the broom, it took me three days because after I finished removing the palm front leaf from the main broom. I have to dry the broom under the sun which took about three days.

Materials and tools used in making a broom are:

Palm tree stem leaf which is the main broom after separation.

Cutlass is used to cut out the palm tree stem from a palm tree.

Razor blade or sharp knife.

The rubber is used for tying the broom together.

Procedures used in making a broom are:

The first thing I did was to go to a nearby farm close to my house where palm trees are planted. When I went there, I have to climb the palm tree and then cut down some of the stems to be used for the broom making. Before I take the palm tree leaf to the house, I have to use a cutlass and cut the leaves out from the palm tree stem.

Secondly, I have to pack the palm tree stems back to the house. When I brought them to the house, I spread them on the ground and then started with the main work of making a broom. I have to start piling out the palm tree leaf with a new sharp razor blade but before I started applying the use of the razor blade, I have to use my hand to reduce the leaf from the main broom stem so that it will be fast for me to finish the work.

Thirdly, when I finished piling out the main broom from the palm tree leaf. I have to dry the pieces of the broom under the sun to dry which took three days. After the drying, I have to use a rubber to tie the pieces of broom together. That was the end of the whole work.

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