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2 years ago

One faithful Monday morning when mum was taking us to school our car had an accident and mum died immediately, Favor and Ken were badly injured including me, I began to cry and then it dawned on me that something was wrong asked myself what is wrong with me? why is everyone meant to help me dying around me? In the midst of my tears, some men came to the house, because a good Samaritan took us home after a mum was deposited in the mortuary.

They told Favor and Ken to dress up that their father demanded they should be sent out of the country to meet him where he was, and I was asked to vacate the house that they didn’t know me and I wasn't a member of their family begged and begged for them to take me along hence I had nowhere to run to but they all refused, is this the end of my joy?

What about my school? I took my box of clothes that mum had gotten for me and left the compound that day with bruises all over my body. God where do I go from here I asked myself, then I quickly remembered where I was staying with my late grandmother before mum came for me and I went back there only for me to see that the building was completed and knocked at the gate and when it was opened I went inside and met the people in the house and greeted them.

They asked the young lady what's your name and how can we help her and I told them am Clara. I narrated all that had happened to me and I told them I was staying here before when the building was uncompleted, they asked me what I wanted and I told them if they could help me or take me in as a house help, mind you that I was just 6 years old, the woman said please leave our house immediately what can you do for us? And the man said my darling wife don’t you think God is answering our prayers? we don’t have children, the only daughter we had we lost her, please let's take her and make her our own. The woman stared at me with anger but had to accept me because of her husband.

Again I was grateful to God for coming through for me.

The next day morning she called me to come to help her in the kitchen and when I got there she was amazed at how I could do everything perfectly well so she asked me you said you lost your parents so how come you know almost everything? I replied to her, that’s because my late grandmother taught me a lot, growing up with her she was already aged and so she allowed me to do everything, with a smile she said come my daughter you have really brought me joy, ever since we lost our daughter and we couldn't bear another child it's really been sad for us but thank God for bringing you to our lives’ was so excited that I was accepted into the family but sadly I remembered Mrs. Franca and I prayed and told God to please keep this family for me.

Fast forward was enrolled in school and had finished primary and secondary school. That was all that Mr. Jude and his wife ever wanted, I got into the university to study Guidance and counseling and the reason being that I would help people with lots of troubles and all, I graduated with a second class upper and at the age of 20. I always had the pictures of my late parents and grandmother with me, I always told them I was going to make them proud.

One day I was in my room watching the pictures when mum came in and saw them she asked who own those pictures? then I pointed at my parents and said granny told me they are my parents and this is granny.

Mrs. Jude screamed, honey, honey come quickly come and see what God has done, I was confused and surprised at the same time when her husband came she said honey Clara is our family, what do you mean?

The husband asked her, Clara is my late sister's Daughter!

Oh my God you mean the one we searched for all the years but couldn't find her? Yes, honey. Clara is your Aunt, when your parents died we tried to get you but we were told an old woman who was barren and a widow took you, so she could feel the joy of a child before she dies, and every attempt to get you were aborted, that woman is not your granny, your granny died even before you were born, No mum she is still my granny she loved me with every bit of her life even till death, may her soul rest in peace. Do you mean u lived here with her?

Yes, ma! Oh my God, when we were told she took you we went to her house but discovered she was no longer there but it never occurred to us she was in the uncompleted building.

Come here my daughter indeed God has done me well.

After that day I was happy but also sad because of granny and Mrs. Franca, but I just moved on and decided to enjoy my life as I had suffered too much in the past.

One of the days as I was walking down the street I heard my name" Clara" when I turned to guess that it was! Ken, jess Ken is that you? You have grown so big, yes you too and as I was nervous I asked how Favor and your dad is? Ken replied they are fine, Ken am so sorry for mum's loss I really miss her. Mum is not dead said Ken, "WHAT" you mean, you must be joking, Ken please stop that joke, it's not a joke mum was only in a coma, but as children, we thought she was dead, After dad said we should return to the states we were preparing to leave before the doctor confirmed that mum was still alive and then our uncle kept us with him since mums desire was never for us to go meet or dad, the only reason that permits us going to dad was only if mum was dead but thank God she made it back to life.

Dad and mum were divorced, Am so sorry Ken but thank God mum is alive, yes when mum came back to the life she searched for you everywhere she even mentioned that the place she met you was built already but she kept trusting God she would see you someday. Yes I can't wait to see her, me too after your uncle's chased me away I returned to see that the place was built but since I had nowhere to go I still went in and met with the people and they welcomed me in treated me friendly and trained me in school, now am a certified counselor, not only that I got to know the woman was my mum's Elder sister, Ken she is my Aunt, God am so happy to know that everyone around me is still alive and happy, Granny may you continue to rest in I love you.

Ken come on let's go home let me introduce you to my family and then we will go see your mum, God u can’t wait to see her.

Friends God showed up for me and proved his love for me, am happy and alive.

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2 years ago