Life Without Friends.

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2 years ago

All of those who consider friendship as essential gradient of a happy life and have a number of friends can't even imagen their life without friends.

I am a university student and live in a hostel. I always find myself surrounded by true friends. although number is not so great but all of them are the best one.💖

sometimes I wonder what my life would be like without friends. The only image come to my mind is a barren land.

First time when I was pushed to think much about the importance of friends,was the mid of quarantine days. I was at home. I realised that I don't laugh much in these days. At that time I remembered all those non-stop laughters with my friends, all of those difficult moments which are never taken so serious by us. When we are together we find solution of everything. That made me thinking, without friends you are incomplete.

Friends are those creatures who prepare you for upcoming exams of life. They make you stronger and stronger. They make you able to accept the differences and Diversities, differences in thoughts, differences in human nature.

Some friends give you the best lessons of your life. Learn to not complain so much. There is a purpose of having a friend/person in your life. God send a person in your life for a reason. Either they would give you the best memories or they would give you the best lesson of life which is also a great blessing

Friends are true blessing of GOD indeed. If you have true friends in your life,cherish them. Numbers don't matter quality matters a lot in friendship.

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2 years ago