Meet mETH! The most elite cryptocurrency. Suspicious? Exactly!

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Hello Everyone!

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mETH is the useful coin that you have been waiting so long for.

Request a reward from mETH for using the network in the past.

You can demand mETH for any Ethereum address. When you request a different mETH address, you get half of it.

This way you can ‘steal’ from other mETH holders if they are not fast enough to make a claim.

mETH is the most expensive cryptographic currency. Only the elite can afford to own a full METH as the project stated. 

Some issues connected with the project

The project created a pool on 11th August. However, the last transaction was 26 days ago.

There are no references to the project’s social network . The contract asks for 0.01 Ether to stignatize. The name is similar to another MINI ETHEREUM (METH) project.  

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