Barnbridge protocol review: the pooling of funds and reward of equity.

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Barnbridge is a protocol for tokenizing risk and holding levels of change in the yield and market price.

Barnbridge is building a cross-platform protocol against all price fluctuations and plans to introduce two products.

Smart yield bonds

The main principle of this product is the pooling of funds (in stablecoins) and the subsequent sending of these funds to the most reliable DeFi projects in the industry where there is the possibility of staking stablecoins. And subsequently, products with different risk/reward ratios are collected from the funds that are directed to the pools. Сlients can buy tranches with varying degrees of risk. Those who send their funds to the pools are rewarded in BOND, the governance token of the platform. BOND can be used for voting on the platform and for making a profit by staking it. 

Smart alpha bonds

This product is a fractional ownership approach that comes with varying risks and rewards for equity. Clients send their funds to an ETH pool. If the price of 1 ETH goes higher than the current one after a certain period of time when the first tranche should happen, the holders receive the tranche with the profit. If the price goes down, then users receive the tranche at a loss. Tranches with varying degrees of risk can be sold/bought by other customers as a separate product. 

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