A revolutionary approach to human needs: Anatha - a vertically integrated decentralized economy.

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Today we’ll review Anatha, a vertically integrated decentralized economy. It is dedicated to meaningful economic inclusion and helps to end global poverty by putting human needs first.

It consists of a set of integrated applications such as ANATHA Network, ANATHA Nexus and ANATHA Rewards. 

The name of the project is based on the name ‘Anathapindika’ who was a merchant and follower of Buddha. 

The main philosophy of Aatha is “Human needs first”. 

We are focused on deep economic integration (of people) and helping to end global poverty by putting human needs first” - the project’s team states. 

The project offers a simple digital identity through the Human protocol, a Decentralized Human Readable Address System (DeHRA) and the ANATHA Torus Reward System in which all value created on the web is distributed every 24 hours.

Human protocol

The Decentralized Human Readable Address System allows users to send/receive tokens without QR codes or inserting long unreadable addresses. Instead, a simple @Name system allows users to send peer-to-peer cryptocurrency transactions to an address that can be easily remembered and shared with other people in a normal conversation.


ANATHA allows users to create multiple instances within the same application. Each instance has its user address and portfolio tracking, solving a huge problem for anyone looking to manage money for different purposes or for different people at the same time.

Each profile is independent and secure (all profiles have a separate password and recovery).

Once logged in, you can view portfolios to compare balances and key figures.

The project’s team believes in the ability of design to shape experience and the very quality of life. One of the elements of this is the choices available for designing different themes and colors to create a look that suits you.


Reward tokens are transferred to the owners of @name human addresses every 24 hours (after 1 year). The Global Distribution Contract distributes 50% to the owners of human addresses; 25% to holders of security tokens and 25% to the community development fund.

Security token

Early investors who received a stake in ANATHA Inc., the parent company that owns the intellectual property for the ANATHA project, will convert their capital into security tokens with automatic dividends distribution.

Total Maximum Supply (Reg S and Reg D combined): 36,000,000.

Current unit price: 1.50, the price increases after the first 10 million units are sold.

What does the project support?

At its launch, the project supported ANATHA, Atom, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Binance, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Omnisego, Ripple, Ox and TrueUSD. Project ANATHA integrates new tokens as they become available along with the ANATHA payable reward system to add tokens to Nexus.

Token sale

The ANATHA token sale is essentially the sale of software license keys for the ANATHA network.

1 ANATHA will be received upon registration.

500,000 ANATHA will be required to run the validator node.

100% of ANATHA's original offering will be available for purchase and the sale will continue until the entire 7.7 billion ANATHA has been sold.

The selling price of ANATHA's initial offering increases as the tokens are sold. Starting at $0.01 (USD), the ANATHA token price increases by $0.01 for every 10,000,000 ANATHA tokens sold.

The scheme is as follows:

0 - 10,000,000 tokens sold: $ 0.01

10,000,001 - 20,000,000 tokens sold: $ 0.02

20,000,001 - 30,000,000 tokens sold: $ 0.03

30,000,001 - 40,000,000 tokens sold: $ 0.04


7,690,000,001 - 7,700,000,000 tokens sold: $ 7.70

Control within the Anatha platform

Basic functionality (storage, sending and receiving, portfolio tracking, etc.) is free. Members can use ANATHA Rewards to unlock other features. One ANATHA award = one DeHRA.

Every user with a DeHRA (Decentralized Human Readable Address) becomes a voting manager of the system.

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