Presentation of the First Anti-Coffee of Venezuela

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1 year ago

We are a cafeteria that gives away coffee, it is a new European business model of thematic cafeteria, we have Coffee, Bread, Comedy, Music, Pleasant atmosphere, and also Crypto education

We Are a Crypto Cafeteria

We are a modern place, with antique tastes, because the pastisserie bakeries in France were the places where you ate a delicious bread and tasted a good coffee. We try to revive that aspect and also combine it with Blockchain technology and especially with the Cryptocurrency that we like to promote the most, which is Bitcoin Cash.

And we have the right toys for Learning

  • TV 24 inches

  • Internet 100 megs

  • Slate

  • 20 chairs

  • Cafe

  • Bread

  • Biscuits

  • Juices

We opened 3 months ago, and while we finished the details and grew at the level of advertising we did not want to introduce ourselves to the community, now we have a place in the heart of the people of this city, who by the way want to learn more about cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency events, cryptocurrency communities, people working and learning from this wonderful world

Good Cafe, and Nice view, we are lucky to be in the best location in town, cute girls and smart people who want to grow up together with us

Our location in Barquisimeto Venezuela

We accept several forms of payment among them obviously Cryptocurrencies, in all its diversities

follow us on our social networks

Instagram: @anticafepastisserie

Twitter: @anticafepastisserie

If you like what we do vote for us and comment, now we want to interact with the community, more details will come soon

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Hola, nos gustó tu presentación. Estamos haciendo el primer voto en tu artículo, estamos aprendiendo, pronto haremos la nuestra, pásate por nuestro perfil.

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Gracias por tu comentario, vamos a crecer en el idioma español y juntos tendremos éxito

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