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Revenge of cheating episode 2

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3 weeks ago

- Hmm, hmm, I realized, I made a big mistake
Don't tell Taema, now I'm saying --- I am Shila
I went to sleep, how did you fall asleep?
-G Dulabhai good night and
- The girl came home saying good night to Shila
Alone in the house, so Meghar came home and lay down next to his daughter
I waited.
- Sheila had to ask him a question?
- Tell me?
- No matter how hard you try to smile, no one
Even if I understand, I understand that he has a problem
Because you came to my house.
-Cut's chest is bursting
I am doing it and keeping myself strong in front of the clouds
Trying hard.
- Why aren't you saying something? (In an inquisitive manner)
- No, nothing like that.
_Shila doesn't want to say anything but I understand quite well
Something went wrong, and it's too big,
Kiri Shila, you made me think that after so much
You can't tell me everything !!
- I cried loudly when I heard Megha's words
I started to say everything openly ----
Neil who treats me badly these days,
Without listening to anything, he goes as he pleases ....
You leave your family for so many things.

-This may seem trivial to him, because
Dulabhai has never done that to him so you are in trouble
Clouds can not realize
_ After listening to Shila, I normalized myself and said
Then you will not go back to his family?
You don't care Megha,
Not going back does not mean that he falls at home
Stay tuned.
- Why are you talking like this, Shila? I mean, but that's it
You weren't my sixth-time partner, he was in trouble
We do not understand the trouble?
- Come to him knowingly.
- One thing to keep in mind is that you don't make that decision
Why this cloud will be beside him or not
I sighed and said - I know.
- Well, now it's been a long night
You're on a journey again ...
-The answer to the words by looking at the sky through the window
Dil Shila,
I felt like Shila was alone for a while
Needed, so I left Shila's house and went to my own house.
I came and saw that Akash is not asleep now, maybe mine
Waiting to come.

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Written by   44
3 weeks ago
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So good bro .. keep it up

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2 weeks ago

Your article is so good. I lobe this.

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3 weeks ago