Time for Change.

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1 year ago

It is time. The moment for me to change completely how I do things posting shit online.

But before we go any further, please take a moment to look at my sponsors!

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Pseudo-Filosophy shizzle

What is it, what makes "now" THE time? I couldn't begin to explain, mostly because I haven't got a clue myself. But it is irrelevant in any case. I made the decision, irrevocable, and so it is useless to waste time on the why and how of the decision.

What isn't wasting time is to tell y'all what decision and what changes I'm babbling on about. So sit back, ensure you've got an ice-cold glass of d00msh1n3 and I will tell you all about it.

Some might have noticed, though I doubt it very much these days, that my articles have lately been all over the place content-wise and format-wise. I think that I've found the reason for the declining interest in the articles I post here on readcash. All articles so far have been spontaneously improvised on the spot, and almost all of them were written and edited in one sitting.

I had an itch to write, sat down to write, then wrote and then edited what was written until I was satisfied, and then posted it up on the site.

Apparently, there is little interest

There is no overwhelming interest in the stuff I post in this way. At least, there isn't anymore if there ever was. So I am going to try and bring some semblance of order to my postings in an attempt to please more readers.

I really care little for the generous tips that our buddy Randy sends my way, and find the number of views much more important. The views, and certainly the comments, are what give me the shot of endorphins others get when they win something when gambling.

Despite not caring...

I have been thinking about the stats concerning views, followers and sponsors a lot the past week or two. And as far as I can tell most of the people generating views, subscribers, and such didn't come to my articles because they liked the content or the topics, nor did they particularly care about me or the people in my articles.

Even the comforting thought that maybe my writing in the fanfiction series I posted was of a higher quality than most and that it was that, which drew the few views I get to come to my articles was submitted to scrutiny. And found delusional.

the delusion.

The most views and subs that I got were with the articles I posted roughly a year ago. They shot up right after the reward I received from @MarcDeMesel for the article(s) "My miserable life, a cautionary tale".

The three parts that make up the article and an article I wrote in response to the reward Mr. deMesel gave me netted me well over 1200€ and I dare say it came at a time in which receiving an awesome sum of money like that was a life-changing experience.

Trouble is, or trouble... maybe inconvenience is the better word..., when you're recipient of a tip of that size or from @MarcDeMesel you show up in top lists and such. Back then mr.deMesel was rather active and generous, here amongst other places, and three-quarters of the "community" was frantically going collectively nuts to find ways to get noticed by Mr. deMesel and entice him to tip big.

A lot of those people reasoned that if they followed a tipped author and commented on their articles they'd somehow miraculously wound up in the attention of Mr. DeMesel.

As I was going through the stats of my activities here on readcash and came to this conclusion I was myself reluctant to accept it, afraid I might somehow have let a prejudiced notion guide me to a conclusion like that. Then I found however that when I was fortunate enough to receive another tip from mr. DeMesel (not as big but still very greatly received) the number of subs and views for my work here on readcash had jumped up again as well. Still doesn't rule out coïncidence but it does make it more sensible to assume a correlation unless other indications point to something else.

When I was thinking about this I came to the idea that I could kind of take two nagging issues and quantum entangle them in an attempt to

shit on two stones with one bird!

You see, lately, I've noticed the maturity in my son in the way we interact. I've always had the nagging annoyance that there was so much I wanted to tell my son about how my life really was and how to survive in this crazy thing we call humanity, but considering my son too young to be interested in or able to comprehend the things I wanted to talk to him about.

The result of this issue is that both my local computers and several locations and services on the net are littered with the beginnings of documents or sound files or whatever contains the start of something that could be given to my son at the right age after my death or something.

All interesting and all never getting past the starting stages.

Well long story short, well, less long perhaps:

From the next article onwards I will write them from the POV of me telling something to my son. It will still probably have a broad variety of topics and article lengths but at least have some semblance of uniformity. To make this work I've committed myself to the following protocol:

  • * I shall always write the same way I would be saying it if I'd actually were talking to my Son. You read my articles, translate them into Dutch and you've got a conversation that could actually take place between my son and me.

  • * Complete honesty and openness. I will hide nothing, tweak nothing, and to hell with the consequences.

  • * I will try to manage a production quotum of three articles a week. I will fail in that and feel appropriately bad about that.

  • * When I do kick the bucket I would like to request someone make sure all my readcash posts reach my son.

Hopefully, I can pique the interest of more readers, Rusty, and leave something behind for my Son that is uniquely me, his father, outside of the 7 hours he comes to visit me.

Thank you for reading this.

Stay safe and stay happy!


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