The Talks. (s01e01)

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18-08-2002 22:57

Well, here it is! After many attempts in many forms, audio and visual even, here is the start of what I think we have to call "The talks" series. Install a program that will translate my words into text so I am actually talking to you right now

And what do I have to say

well, that's a good question. basically, I wanted to tell you all the things that you were too young for when I started making these articles. And I didn't think I would be there to see you turn 18, which is when I think you're old enough to get these. I do want to leave you with some wisdom from your father. Maybe there will be something useful someday in your life, buried in all of this. I feel that we've been cheated out of these kinds of father-son things.

I know all emotional mushi mushi, ackwaaaaaard, and all that. I know.

But somehow I think it's important. Or maybe not important but meaningful. Look it's just something your father feels he needs to do so you stuck with this. You don't have to read this, you're an adult-free man. If you decide to delete this, that's your choice. I'm probably dead so it's not as if I feel the disappointment and sadness I would feel if I'd been alive. But even then, it's your choice.

Back here, in 2022, I am going to imagine you're reading this or listening and if I get into it I might even imagine you're sitting right here and we're having an actual conversation. And if I do that you're going to realize that your old man is pretty good at predicting what your replies and comments would be if you'd be there. Always have been by the way. Something that's actually helped me in many ways, but everyone else would judge as crazy: Talking to myself, or with any person, i felt could be helpful at the moment, imagining the person is actually there, filling the answers in inside my head.

Well, anyway

That's not really what I wanted to talk about in this first chapter. To be honest I didn't even think about what I would be talking about in my first post to you. Right now you're on the last two days of your vacation. You're in Denmark right now, having spent two days in Legoland.

Oh shoot.. this is good chocolate!

They never should have given me a whole damn box of them "Krunchy Keto" chocolate bars damn it! I don't think they're gonna last more than 2 days. Wait, I got an idea. I'm gonna put them in the basement and hopefully forget all about em until you're here. So, remember that for me okay?

Wait that's not gonna work if you're reading this five years from now is it? Shucks. And they got a consume-by date of the 24th of August 2022. I don't know if it's a good idea to put them in the basement. They'd probably be there for a couple of years, knowing me.

Quotus interruptus kapottus

Aaand queue the "four hours later" meme! Really I went downstairs for a snack, ate a snack behind the computer, and proceeded to fall asleep.

Not that it matters much. This post was meant to explain a little bit and to have an official first post. Speak to you next time, my apprentice.

Love you,

Darth Papah


Thanks for reading this.

Stay safe and stay happy!


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Topics: Series, Lessons, Wisdom, Funny, Tips, ...