The Statistics page. Help me understand please!

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2 years ago

There is something I don't understand going on in the statistics. Can someone please help me understand, and by doing so deny the haters and infidels in Bitcoin Cash new ammunition with which to shoot at our beloved coin, community!

Go check out our sponsors... Go.... Go...... GOOOOO!! <- phenomenon called humor!

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So what's up, dummy, what is going beyond your tiny brain this time?

Well, as I am the worst mathematician and statistician in the universe, one of the things I enjoy is looking at statistic pages every day. Especially when they've got graphs and shit! (ooooh pictuuurs.... pretty!) Ofcourse's statistic page is a daily quick look for me. Iz getz numberz and pretty graphs and stuffz hahahaaaa.

All joking aside, my mind is stubbornly refusing to let go of the notion that one of the graphs, and therefore it's numbers, has to be wrong. There are three charts with sets of numbers that, according to my brain, cannot all three be right.

Oh goodness, here it comes, the Anonsunamun brainfart!

in the chart:

Funded / tipped users

How many users got anything in Bitcoin Cash either in form of a tip (tipped) or in form a payment from the fund (funded)

The funded users, paid from the fund, rose from 15745 to 15749. That, in my brain, means there were 4 persons paid from the fund. One day there were 15745, the next 15749, that's 4 more users.

In another graph, however:

Users funded daily

(from the fund, incl. TheRandomRewarder)

We read that on the 11th (Yesterday) 249 users were tipped from the fund.

They received, we read in the chart:

The RandomRewarder upvotes

$985,47 in total.

Spread over 284 articles according to the new articles per day chart.

"Aaaaargh" sounds, the sound of hands slapping foreheads and heads hitting desks, can be heard across the planet.

Yes I know some if not most of you will now have either growled, sighed, facepalmed or deskplanted in frustration about my dumb stupidity as those sounds were so loud and passionate the transcended spacetime, and I heard them just now, before the article is even posted, and you were able to read it!

But still, if I am stupid enough to come up with this inconsistency without trying to find one let alone ready and willing to maliciously bend and twist anything possible to smear Bitcoin Cash, and's good name and reputation then imagine what the more rabid mad opponents of our Bitcoin and our community can spin from it!

And make no mistake, humanity is not unanimously singing songs of praise in joy for having been blessed by the glory of our community or our beloved BitCoin Cash.

There are people out there that vehemently and deeply hate BitCoinCash, and by extension and!

I know! Shocking right? They must have misunderstood the concept of the fork wrongly and got some shoved up their... [beeeeep]!

Again, all joking aside, we need more explanation, more input!!

It would be best, in my humble insignificant opinion which is neither humble nor insignificant, if one or both of the Communities LOC's (Leaders Of Community, I learned recently because iz be smartypantzes!) could give us a bit more explanation about the statistics that are on the statistics page and specifically the ones I've mentioned.

Would be nice to hear from them at all at this point, to be honest.

But the explanations and information about the statistics on the statistics page are meager at best, and I think not only me but many others would appreciate some information about the data.

What do the numbers represent? Why are they recorded and translated into a chart?

What information can be deduced from the numbers and charts listed on the page?

Are there more statistics that don't get their own nice chart? If so, are they available to us? Is the man walking up the stairs across the street going to make it or is he too drunk? Will the wish I just made on a shooting star going to come true? Will Anonsunamun ever make a joke that is actually funny?

A lot of deep, intelligent, and critically important questions could be united with answers and understanding for the good of mankind here I think!

What? ...Huh?


(I can report, by the way, that the man across the street, did make it. Unfortunately, to the wrong floor, and has now been trying to open the front door of his lower floor neighbor for the past 6 minutes. Unsuccessfully, remarkably enough.)

No, seriously (again) there is a lot that statistics and graphs can do, both good and bad. I think there is the opportunity to clarify much for non-experts, please expert geeks, and settle some anxiety for some of our statistically or mathematically handicapped community members by explaining the charts and numbers some more, providing more numbers, and charts.

It would help too, maybe, I guess, to go slapping a particular anonsunamunyous member on the forehead saying "Hey dumb ass, you got [fill in a stupid mistake here] wrong!"

Thank you for reading this.

Stay safe and stay happy!


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2 years ago


Does randomrewarder start visiting you , does it once, twice, or thrice, and then stops coming? I am asking because this has been my experience in the last couple of days

I am among those who need the statistics charts explained as it stands 🤒 because I fail to understand what is going on too

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2 years ago

Well.... that behavior of "RRW" as i call him.... eehm... it rather, is often kind of random in my experience. Sometimes it's like it is just randomly rewarding posts left and right. (sorry, having trouble with not being able to stop trying to be

But seriously, the algorithm as i understood it, is literally trying to be as random as possible while checking articles for being original content, readable (probably use grammarly-ish code or something for that), and if it contains good listed or bad listed words and phrases.

That is what RRW is hired for: To give every one who writes original, readable articles the chance to get a little of motivational tips.

(just intelligently guessing, I have no factual or inside knowledge on how RRW works other than the articles here on the site. And those are admittedly light on the factual information side)

It's like readcash himself said on more than one occasion: didn't hire you to write for the site, this isn't a job.

It can be, sure, but only by getting sponsors, followers who tip your articles, and you get those by writing content that people want to see their name attached to.

Evidently my articles stink or are horrendous and definitions of readable differ greatly from mine because where some authors with sponsors coming out of their ears rarely post anything worth reading content wise or spelling/grammar wise, I have only one left, where i used to have a staggering two whole sponsors.

Ergo i don't make very much, most i make is from RRW but i write because i like to write, with a "Well, i wrote it anyway, might as well post it somewhere" attitude.

But i agree we need to hear from a dev or admin, about the statistics page information.

And i also agree that there might be a glitch or problem here and there, beside not having seen an updat in months. My "frontpage" is recommending the same articles to me for the past two weeks, and one of them (the top one even) is an article by myself, which got $0,62 in tips, Is this site even being developed(maintained)?

Oh let me be the first for a change with the next tinfoil conspiracy: @MarcDeMesel's fund has run out, and the 10% that goes to the devs or the site is not earning him/them much anymore so they've abandoned the site for richter pastures!!! (NOT SERIOUS ON THAT LAST ONE, unless it is true.)

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2 years ago