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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! That is soooooo funny!!!!!!!!

I litterally fell of my chair i laughed so hard!!!!!

Ahum... eeehm... right....

Hi there! Been there long? Just forget what just... Let's...


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So, everyone smiling? In a happy mood?

Good, lemme fix that.

I'm a bit less enthausiastic than usual and maybe I'd be right to call the mood depressed. The annoying thing is that I'm unable to identify anything that would justifiy feeling this down. The worst thing I can figure is that I've lost another sponsor.

I've lost sponsors before and it didn't bother me as much before.

So either my depressed feelings come from something else or the loss of the Sponsor hits me harder than before. I should figure out which is the case. At least that's what i was thinking about an hour or two ago, but two hours is a long time, especially with an episode of the Orville I have not seen yet ready to go.

Somehow didn't do me much good on the mood front though. Somehow the Orville episode pissed me off. And i know that if i tell you why i got pissed off a lot of you will hate me. You'll think I'm some kid of biggot, mysiagigisist(*) or some other -ist people don't like en masse.

As i finished that last paragraph, i realized i was being stupid telling y'all what i told you. It's not like there was ever going to be a virgin's chance at a Bilderberg conference of me not telling you anyway. Coz you know i am...

So why did I tell you anyway? You'd almost think it was stuffing to beef up the content of some article. Good thing y'all know me and trust me enough to say with confidence that such a thing would never even occur to me! I am humbled and greatful by your trust. Thank you.

Well, i got pissed because it was one of those (obligatory?) woke episodes, and i wanted to hate it, but danmit…it was a good frikking episode that even made me tear up! This woke was the gender one, with Topa the Mocklan's Daughter, then Son and now daughter again.

I do wonder if its wise to, basicly, tell kids that you can switch back and forth betweeen boy and girl and that it is so important that it defines you and your life.

Anyway that's not what I meant to talk about. It was a good episode, let's end it there.

And until about 3 hours ago thát was what i was going to write about. About the Mocklan episodes, the Orville and stuff like that. But ofcourse that was not taking into account the visitor I had who wanted to know; "Hey you were the one that liked Glennfiddich so much right?" (with a slurr, and drawing out the i, "riiiiiiiiight")

Now there is a lot of things i don't like spontaniously appearing at my doorstep. 32 year old Single Malt Scotch Whisky from Glennfiddich.… not one of those things! He brought 2 bottles.

It is my sad duty to inform you that Blambi and Rinkeltje made the ultimate sacrifice. They gave their lives for us. Blambi went to the great distillery in the sky at 03:22 followed by his sister at 04:10 this morning. They shall be missed, and apropriatly maurned by hangover.

At 06:00 the visitor left, satisfied with the carnage he caused in today's schedule, utterly annhialating the planning.

I needed to improvise! Think quickly, and come up with...

Eehm.. Wow that Glennfiddich was real good!

There was consumption of several spiecies of dead animals, fried in the airfryer.

An investigation was held as to the nature of this hanous crime...

As by the time I received them their physical cohesion had been de-cohesioned already by someone with a very sharp knife which made identifying the species of the animals impossible. This did not lessen de tasty experience while consuming.

One of the investigators commented.

Well, after that

there was very few other places i could end up at then behind my computer:

  • '"SithServerSigmaSegma"

  • my pride and joy.

  • An AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 6-Core Processor,

  • 32Gb of G-Skill DDR2666 memory,

  • An AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT graphics card with 12GB DDR6 memory

  • 12TB storage space, booting from m.2

  • al shoved into a MPG X570 GAMING PLUS (MS-7C37) (AM4) motherboard.

I love that thing. On weekdays i spend more time behind SSSS (as i lovingly call her) then i do anything else. Three screens spread out in front of me, each with its own purpose.

So why did I go off on a single person circle jerk over my computer? Because it's time for me to play a game or something. So sorry but this is going to be a shorter one than usual. I'll make up for it, promise!

Thank you for reading this

Stay safe and stay happy!


(*)mysiagigisist = One of them women haters

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