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Imperial Military Science observer "Nervousness", April 5th 2063 (Earth Calender)

As the sub leader finished her report it took a moment for the supreme fleet leader to grasp the bottom line of what she had told him. He looked at her as he realized and said "It wasn't a weapon?"

"Analysis of the debris and the sensor data from before it was destroyed indicate there was no warhead of any kind, and organic residue indicates the object was occupied. Hardly an effective weapon if it has to be manned."

"What about the ship that passed through this system and fled at faster than light speeds?" the Supreme asked, hoping there was something he could use to defend his, in hind sight rather rash, actions here today. Actions that ended decades of observation with death on a scale the occupants of the planet below had not seen in their history. And their history had been a violent one with plenty of death without outside influence.

"Analysis of the sensor data indicates that the ship was comprised of materials not native to this planet or even this star system. All indications are they were either passing through or observers from another civilization capable of traveling the stars." the sub leader answered the question.

The supreme leader of the military science vessel "Nervousness" dropped his head in his hands as he realized there was no escaping the facts. "Open a channel to Military space command. I'll make the report personally." he said and began to gather his thoughts and get himself into a dignified posture. Seconds later the screen rose from his desk and a face appeared on it.

"Grand overseer. I have a report to make." the Supreme leader began. "Make it then. Your last report stated you were under attack. It said the natives had launched one of their missiles, previously used against each other, at your position and it made a faster than light jump or something. It lacked detail. I trust this report will not have the same deficiency." the overseer prompted, conveying the annoyance he'd shown with the supreme leader ever since the overseer took command of extra-solar intelligence investigations.

"Ever since the discovery of the unmanned automaton the species calling themselves "Human" sent out with their quaint directions to their home world and of their radio wave transmissions we have kept a weary eye on them. Many of their transmissions were of malevolent nature. A decade ago a mission to observe the planet and its inhabitants, to determine the threat they posed to the Empire, was set up just outside their star-system and hidden using our cloaking technology."the supreme began, knowing full well the overseer knew the history of the mission as well as any other citizen of the empire.

Until the probe, the humans had named "Voyager" had been detected by the first extra-solar explorers the Empire had wrestled with the question if they were alone in the universe. With the probe's discovery and subsequent detection of the radio-wave transmissions the humans were sending out that question had been answered but another one rose. Were they a treat to the Empire?

A mission to discover that, and in one blow take away any threat they might pose if needed, was sent out and arrived ten of the planet's rotations around their sun ago. As the mission progressed the observers had witnessed the humans as they slowly killed the planet's ecosystems with their lust for comfort and luxury and then their lust for killing each other as they bombed each other with missiles loaded with multiple nuclear warheads, killing billions.

Then, when it had seemed the humans themselves were sick of the killing and to weak to continue it and no bombs had been fired in some time one of the missiles they had used to kill each other was launched.

"Only this time the missile didn't remain in lower orbit like all others before it had done but broke orbit and jumped to faster than light speeds on a course headed straight for us. As dictated by the protocol for direct attack from Earth established at the missions inception i energized our energy weapons, closed the distance to the planet for orbital sanitation and initiated firing protocols. Point defense cannons obliterated the human missile as the ship was powering up." the supreme told the overseer.

"Well, it appears the conservative faction of the ruling council was correct after all.The humans were belligerent and violent and as soon as they became aware of our presence they lashed out in violence. It was prudent to take away their ability to inflict the terror they have inflicted on each other before they could inflict it on any others." the overseer said, apparently satisfied.

The slight shift in movement of the sub leader, in the shadows of his office, reminded him of her presence and that, might he falter, she would not hesitate to relay the information he himself had not mentioned to the overseer.

"The sensor data has since been analyzed by our computers and scientists overseer. We... I have made an error." he said, knowing he was committing suicide. "The missile held no warheads and was manned. Early extrapolations tend to indicate an experimental form of faster than light travel was being tested. No hostile intentions, analysis now indicate, were present. Since the launch of the one missile no other weapons have been powered or fired." he added.

A silence of moments followed his words as the overseer processed them and the implications of them. "Your previous report mentioned the detection of an object in the solar-system of unknown origin, with an unusually powerful energy signal. What more on that?" The overseer asked.

"The object is thought to be of extra-solar origin, and constructed of materials not present in this solar system. It sped away at faster than light speeds beyond our capability after we had destroyed the missile. Intelligence speculates it is of another space traveling civilization like ours." The supreme answered, knowing what question would come next.

"Are there any survivors on the planet?" the overseer asked proving the prediction of the supreme correct. "Surface temperatures range from190 degrees at the poles to 500 at the equator. No form of life, larger than bacteria. can survive on the planet now sir." The supreme answered, knowing they were the last words he would ever speak.

"Sub leader, execute supreme leader and assume his position. Take the "Nervousness" home. Overseer out" said the voice on the screen.

One more death was added to the billions on the planet the inhabitants had called Earth on a small spaceship in space before the ship fired its propulsions and headed home, leaving the scene where on April the 5th 2063, by the human calenders reckoning, a civilization which stood at the pinnacle of billions of years of evolution was destroyed in hours by another which had come from space.

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