New Beginning. (Part 4)

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Part 1, 2 and 3 linked below:

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==Memory Alpha, Deck 21, Shielded Hanger Bay==

Zoteke took the weapon handed to him and looked it over once.

"nice gear" he said flicking the weapon through its options. Choosing the pulse option and setting the modulation to random he cocked it and held it up to weigh its balance.

For a moment he closed his eyes.

In his mind he did his mental exercise to bring him into the state of mind for battle as he always had done before going into action. A calm came over him and when he opened his eyes there was a steely detached determination in them that wasn't there before.

"Semper fi, do or die! I'm ready sir." Zoteke said standing up straight.

"I've prepared an upload and a live link from that console over there to whatever device has the proper code. It ties the internal sensors in with the blue-prints of the station. The good ones, from the engineering department. These are updated until 4 days ago. I cannot guarantee all the drones will show up on them but any other life forms, commbadges or other anomalies will show up." Zoteke said, showing the screen from his own tricorder to Flanegan and Jones.

"There is 2 life forms showing, I'm sure the drones will not show up on the tricorder" says Flanagan.

"Maybe we should try to get to those two first sir. They seem to be stuck inside a science lab. Map doesn't say what kind of science lab though, which tells me it must be something secret. Whatever the reason, either those officers or their location seems to be attracting more attention from the Borg than anything else at the moment.” Zoteke explained. As the others nodded in understanding he went on.

“There seems to be an officer stuck on "E" deck section 15 auxiliary armory Beta 2. I've received a transmission from him a while ago but wasn't able to reply.” he said, a sadness briefly flashing onto his facial expression almost too quick to have been noticable. “ I doubt he'll make it though, his situation seems untenable." Zoteke said, pointing at the dots in the little screen, relaying all the info he had gathered from the sensors up till then.

The lonely dot from section 15 had been moving to his surprise and he noticed the dot was about to link up with four other blue dots outside that science lab.

"I'm gonna have you lead the way SGT. as you know memory alpha well, since you have been stationed here, as I have not been here for years, you lead and we will be right behind you, lets go clean this place up," Flanagan orders the team to move out.

The three men head towards the science lab to save the 2 starfleet personnel there.

"Aye sir! I wasn't stationed here, i was waiting for my next posting. But in the time i was here i did get to know most of the station. What i don't know is on the blueprints. I'm ready!" Zoteke said, walking straight. "Semper fi!" he shouted.

==Memory Alpha Deck 15==

-jolan had to move, the borg were closing in he was out of time, and ammo; his last powercell.

Gathering what he could in the way of explosives extra powercells and a close quarters combat sword he stood up and tapped his badge again.

=/\= Trask to any survivors, I'm leaving the armory, there's a service lift 2 sectors away... I'm gonna try to get level 21... I managed to detect starfleet combadges, so if your friendlies respond please... situation critical, no ammo, and I've been wounded... repeat this is marine captain jolan trask, mayday mayday mayday out=^=

He peeked through the door and saw nothing. He was nursing a beam burn, it caught him in his left shoulder. He could still fight but couldn't stabilize his weapon to well. He darted out around a corner and saw 3 green lights. He started tracing them and they all pointed to one being, a tactical drone-

”what the hell are they doing here and why haven't they assimilated the base" he said thinking to himself.

"ive gotta move... think jolan think… wait flashbangs!! ive got a few with me of course"

He pulled the device out of an equipment bag, and primed it

"yo drone! im talking to you"

The drone looked up.

"we are the borg surrender and prepare to be asimi…”

*!*! BANG !*!*

The grenade went off and jolan sprinted past him, and to his surprise the drone returned fire as it spun around, luckily missing him. He slid down the lift ladder, and he felt his shoulder crying in pain.

Little did he know it would lead to the science lab’s outside access hatch, and with a solid thud he hit the bulkhead

"well,not my most glamorous combat roll... but it got the job done"

He rounded a corner and came across a starfleet officer, a female, in science teals.


-he cried out in pain as his pain medication wore off-

“Are you ok”

-he groaned in pain-

“sunova...a little help would be nice"

Alyssa turned as someone shouted "ma'am" from behind. They had just managed to dispatch the drones that engaged them, and Wilkinson was still working on establishing contact with the people inside the science lab.

"Neyts!! You have the medkit with you? Tend to his wounds!"

She grabbed hold of Trask and sat him down against the bulkhead.

"Where did you come from? I've been down here with a security detail, trying to get past a sealed bulkhead. But I've lost contact with just about everyone, command, power control... even turbolift control isn't responding, nor are any of the other security details."

Alyssa assessed the situation; They were on deck 21, they lost contact with just about everyone else on the station. Their only safe way out is past a sealed bulkhead, and her security detail lost one man, now only consisting of crewman Wilkinson, Crewman Neyts and Chief Petty Officer Dwight.

To add to the trouble, they just ran into a wounded marine.…

"Wilkinson, I need results and I need them NOW!!!"

“deck 19 armory beta 2,i was tapped into the security grid with my tricorder, what little of it that worked, my names trask, jolan trask, we”

- he paused catching his breath-

"we have an emergency transponder ping on our combadges only marines can detect normally, here..."

-he passed her his combadge-

"if you can tie it into comms you should be able to locate other marines, i've tried but i doubt anybody heard me also the borg don't appear to be assimilating the base, they have tactical drones with them, combat models"

- he sat down and pulled a hydration pack from his bag and drank the refreshing hydration like he had been in the vulcan deserts -

"i have what i could grab in terms of weapons and explosives and supplies in the bag, take what you need, but use is sparingly... Whats left of my field medical kit should be in there as well.” Jolan blurted out, fearing he might loose the strength to talk soon.

"Right, Dwight, check the bag for anything we can use to dig in here. Neyts, tend to his injuries and if you have any shortages, check his field kit" Alyssa turned and walked over to wilkinson.

"Any response from whoever is on the other side?"

"Negative ma'am" Wilkinson replied. "But I think I've found a way to override the bulkhead lockdown. I think I can trigger an emergency loop by making the security system believe a general evacuation order is sounded from inside the lab. The bulkhead will only stay open for about thirty second tops though, and I'll have to hotwire some sensors for this to work"

"Good work, get on with it then, more borg may be on the way"

Alyssa then replaced her combadge with the one she received from Trask and tapped it once.

=/\=This is Lieutenant Commander Stark, I'm currently located on deck 21, and I'm attempting to gain acces to a fortified area. Any starfleet officers whom receive this message please respond!"

===Inside AntiMatter Sci Lab, Deck 21===

Nadia's attention was drawn to Simon's arms flailing and mumbles. She quickly walked over to her assistant to see what the problem was.

"Nadia... the emergency bulkhead is opening... it's in a security by-pass subroutine... the system thinks we're evacuating due to a antimatter containment failure... we need to go!"

Nadia raised an eyebrow.

"Go? And go where exactly, Simon? Outside to the borg?"

She looked at his console.

"Pull up the status display of the antimatter lab. Is the containment field failing? Or did the system succumb to a borg virus of some kind?"

Nadia felt trapped, but she had to maintain her calm and cool if she was to get through this. In any case, she would much rather die in blink of an eye to a massive antimatter explosion than spend the rest of her life as an assimilated borg drone. Staying put was the better of the two options left open to her.

===Outside AntiMatter Sci Lab, Deck 21===

"I've got it ma'am!" Yelled a triumphant Wilkinson as the bulkhead opened.

"Fifteen seconds we've got to go!" Neyts and Dwight grabbed Captain Trask and carried him inside. Wilkinson and Alyssa followed in behind them and kept their rifles at the ready until the bulkhead resealed. Alyssa turned to Dwight.

"Alright, you keep an eye on the wounded, Lets continue down this corridor people, rifles at the ready just in case!"

"I can fight, just hit me with a dose of painkiller, ive been shot up a hell of a lot worse" trask said as he held back a wince from his weapon wound

"but sir,your hurt shouldn't you rest?" protested Neyts

"im a marine, we dont rest till were dead or otherwise unable to hold a rifle, and i can hold mine fine" trask said in defiance as he proceeded to inject himself

"your gonna need an extra gun or two if the tactical drones are on this level, i can fight..., besides i know a few alternate ways to bypass some of the security. For one all the systems have an emergency marine voice activation override, i happen to have the code because i'm a platoon commander with the security garrison, sadly the barracks got hit. Most, if not all of my men are dead. I happened to be just beyond the forcefield when the deck decompressed,let me come with you maybe we can run into some of my company's survivors"

"I doubt we'll run into any drones on this side of the bulkhead marine, but as you wish, its better to stick together and I was reluctant to leave one of my men behind to assist you either way."

Alyssa continued onwards with the rest of the group as she was speaking. "Hurry up now, we dont have all day Captain"

===Inside AntiMatter Sci Lab, Deck 21===

"The emergency bulkhead has opened!" exclaimed Simon.

"Well... we are now likely not alone in here..." mused Nadia as she looked at the barricaded office door.

===Corridor, AntiMatter Sci Lab, Deck 21===

"Ma'am, I cant open this door, something is blocking it from the inside"

Alyssa tried to push the door open with him. But it barely moved

"Then blast it open. Wilkinson, Dwight ready phasers."

"It's been barricaded, lemme try something" jolan said as he started to remove an access panel

"whats your plan marine?" asked Neyts

"fairly simple, I'm bypassing the station intercom system at the panel so we can establish a two way communications system. This should also give us view to the security camera's inside, provided the grids are still intact"

With a set of sparks a display popped up on the wall panel he was messing with, fuzzy but a visual/audio link."i see somebody inside, starfleet... two of them.... They're alive."

"Its all yours ma'am" as he turned to Alyssa "maybe they can unblock the door as i cant see whats blocking it there's no power but i can make out the silhouettes of the officers"

===Inside AntiMatter Sci Lab, Deck 21===

Nadia picked up the fire extinguisher, feeling comforted by having some semblance of a weapon in her hands... even if it was against fires. The voices coming from the other side of the barricade didn't sound like borg. Moments earlier she heard the door open and while she and Simon exchanged frozen glances, Nadia was the first to break her fear and moved toward the barricade.

"Lis..." Nadia swallowed, finding her initial voice scratchy.

"Listen up Borg... we will vaporize this whole area in the next ten seconds... when we overload the antimatter reactor! If... If you know what good for you, you'll get out of here while you can!!!"

===Corridor, AntiMatter Sci Lab, Deck 21===

“Dammit they think we're borg!" Alyssa yelled, and promptly discharged her rifle, blowing a hole through the door and the barricade that was erected behind it."Dont overload it!!!!" Alyssa yelled as she ran into the room and climbed over the remains of the barricade.

===Inside AntiMatter Sci Lab, Deck 21===

Startled, Nadia accidentally depressed the extinguisher, causing a cloud of super cooled gas to hit the first brave rescue party member to climb over the futile and hastily erected barricade.This happened to be Alyssa, sprayed by the gas she collapsed and over the barricade and onto the floor.....Nadia suddenly realized that it wasn't a borg, but Commander Stark, her Department Chief at the Station.

She let go of the extinguisher and rushed through the haze to see where Alyssa had gone back to.- moving to catch her as she fell he put his uniform collar over his face-

" computer ventilate the gas!"

- he barked to the semi working computer as the gas dispersed-

"Neyts get that medical kit, just in case" -he turned to alyssa- ma'am are you ok, talk to me wake up - he said lightly smacking her cheeks as he looked up to the lieutenant. "That's halon you know, she could die, because halon is heavier then the air in her lungs" Trask snapped as Neyts hastily tended to her with a hypospray

" you gotta wake up ma'am c'mon wake up, breathe"

he lightly slapped her face again when she started coughing regaining consciousness. Trask turned to the lieutenant again.

"Are any of you hurt, i'm marine captain Jolan Kennith Trask, station garrison bravo company, second platoon.”

Nadia relaxed when she saw the starfleet marine captain, security personnel, and Alyssa no worse for wear. She crouched down next to her Chief and squeezed Alyssa's hand.

"Sorry about the face full of extinguisher... it was meant for the borg. But it is good to see you. Ensign Kang is inside."Nadia then looked over at the Marine Captain. "We're not hurt... shaken, but not hurt. And I was only bluffing about overloading the antimatter core.... mostly."


==Uss August, transporter toom 2==

It all happened so fast…

One minute he was having fun pushing all those shiny funny buttons in that big chair daddy had put him in. He had even found something yummy to eat...

The next minute daddy was back, and wasn't even angry with him for eating the yummy...

then daddy had smelled the poopoo and made his bottom nice and clean and soft again..

And the next....

It was so quick that before Ahrund even realized he was being taken away from his daddy the world dissolved around him and reshaped into an emergency lighted transporter room filled with people Ahrund didn't know, and looked awfully angry.

Ahrund started to take a good deep breath to produce a fitting sound to go with the tears he felt rolling down his cheek when a woman came up to him and bent down so she faced him.

"Hi Ahrund. Don't worry. Daddy will be here soon to. He just needs to work a little longer, but he promised he'd be here as soon as he could" she said.

Ahrund knew that couldn't be true. Ahrund knew that if daddy could tell her, he would have told Ahrund himself over the talky thingy daddy had given him after the old house blew up with mommy and granny and grampy…

Looking at the woman though he decided he liked her. She had bent down to face him.

Not many big people did that..

Looking at his feet he silently said "okaay... And now?" he replied, spreading his arms and putting a questioning expression on his face.

"Now we go to a fun and safe place where you must play until daddy comes." the woman said. "I'm Jeanette" the woman said, holding out her hand.

Another thing Ahrund liked.

He put his hand in Jeanette's and trotted after the woman as she walked him out the Transporter room, into a corridor and into a door somewhere halfway the corridor. Inside the lights were on like normal which pleased Ahrund to his own surprise.

The room looked clean, except for the cluttering on the floor, where padds and the like had fallen out of the cupboards.

"Here you go. You can play for a bit can't you honey?" Jeanette asked him knelt down to face him.

"No go away! You play to me..." Ahrund said in his most sad and whiney voice. He could play alone for hours in here, with all the shiny pads and bleeping things to push. He just didn't want to be alone.. Not without having seen daddy.

"sorry sweetheart. Jeanette has to work to, just like daddy." the petite woman told Ahrund and got up. "I promise to come by and check real soon " she said, patting his head, then left the room.

The doors swished closed and Ahrund was alone. He frowned and became angry. "NO FUN! AHRUND SAD!" he shouted, stamping his foot on a stack of pads.

The silence that answered scared Ahrund.

He decided to sit down and see what pushing those shiny squares on the little screens would do, letting the tears he had stopped for the nice lady flow unchecked like a waterfall down his check. He didn't care. He was worried about daddy, and even if there was someone here to see him cry he wouldn't stop. Not until daddy came back!

To be continued in Part 5

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