New Beginning Part 3

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Part 1 and 2 linked below:

==USS August==

Flanagan beams back to the August to see his 2 teams waiting for him there.

"Team 9 you guys with me, were going back to save the child, Are you guys ready."

Both of the Security officers stand at attention and say "Yes Sir"

Flanagan then says to team 10, "you guys are gonna go to deck 21 and find the survivors there. The Runabout is staying on Memory alpha for medevac. Any Questions."

"No Sir" the teams say simultaneously. Oh grab a polaron rifle for the Master Chief, he might be staying longer for the fight then us."Ok Master Chief beam us to the child's location" Flanagan tells the Officer manning the controls.

Flanagan and the team beam onto Memory Alpha Flight deck.

==Memory Alpha, Deck 21==

=/\=Master Sergeant Madwan this LT David Flanagan Jr. from the USS August we are here on the flight deck of Memory alpha, the location you specified, we are here to save the child.=/\=

There is a long pause, and Flanagan repeats his hail to Madwan.

"chief run your tri-corder, and check for lifesigns" Flanagan asks his chief petty officer.”

"readings are inconclusive Sir" the grizzled chief tells his LT.

Again Flanagan hails the Sgt. No response again.

"mmmm" Flanagan mumbles to himself, now what do we do.

Frantic panic gripped Zoteke as soon as the commsignal sounded when he had his hands filled with 2 year old buttocks and a diaper filled with Ahrunds latest labour of love.

"Allright lets get moving throught the facility, keep running your tricorder and checking for lifesigns and see if you can tell if there are any signs of the Borg." Flanagan orders his 2 security team members.

The stench was almost unbearable and Zoteke had smelled his share of poo in his life! He horridly wiped the butt of Ahrund clean with the wet cloth he'd gotten hold off and then slipped on the clean diaper he pulled out of his inner pocket.

"Master Seargeant Madwan this is LT. David Flanagan from the USS August we are here to get you and your son out of here." Again Flanagan hails the Marine, and still no Answer.

Zoteke had learned long ago never to go anywhere with Ahrund without being prepared for unexpected cleaning emergencies. When he was sure the diaper would stay in place he hurried to press the commbadge and return the call.

==^== sgt. Madwan here. Sorry I couldn't answer immediately. I had a diaper emergency here and my hands were full. We're in the mission control room on the far side of the hanger. We'll be right out. ==^=

==/\=Thank god, marine you had us worried sick, get out here so we can get the hell out of here ASAP, Flanagan out=/\=

Quickly Zoteke put the pants back on Ahrund, put his little feet into his little shoes and took the little guys left hand in his right moving to the door. The child looked up at him with a hint of fear in his eyes. "don't worry Ahrund. Those are the good guys out there now.. Daddy trusts them.." Zoteke said, not really feeling the trust he said he had.

The door opened to reveal the hanger was secured by the teams and an officer walking fastpaced towards them. Zoteke stood to a real quick attention and threw the mimimal salute possible as the man got closer, determined to make his point, even at the cost of a mark in his record. Despite knowing better from experience, he hoped the man wasn't as difficult to deal with as most 'career' officers who usually looked down on the enlisted folk like the Marines usually were.

"Master Sgt. Zoteke Madwan sir, thanks for coming." and pointing at Ahrund "This is my son Ahrund. I want him safe, as soon as possible, no matter what. Then i'm all yours to command." Zoteke said bluntly before the officer, who outranked him, could even speak a word.

Quite a breach of protocol.

"Sgt. it is quite allright, Howard take the child and beam back to the August, Jones, Madwan and my self we need to stay here and secure this facility, I am sure the marines will breach at any minute." Flanagan orders Petty officer Howard to get the child and beam out. He watches the Master Sgt. give his son a hug and then they beam to the August.

Ok Madwan here is your polaron weapon, as we are to meet up with the Marines who are breaching the building as we speak.

==Memory Alpha, E Deck==

"my father was right im finally thrust into a situation unlike any ive seen before, i thought the dominion war holorecords were brutal, the borg took that cake easly"

"FOCUS FIRE! WE CANT GET BOTTLENECKED IN HERE!" he yelled to a group of security officers, 3 of which were outright killed in the opening salvo when a stray round hit an eps conduit

"gotta find an exit or a team" he tapped his badge.


-gunfire is heard-

=^=We running low on ammo and they’re trying to beam people off the base if anybody is receiving this help please=^=

“ i gotta find a console think jolan think let your training guide you ah ha!"

- rounding a corner he came across a eps conduit and 3 borg devices -

"assimilate this!,GRENADE OUT"

He let a photonic grenade fly, one he had grabbed from a fallen brother, and it blew up crippling the borg devices and causing the drones nerby to freeze. Being careful to slit there throats as he passed them, his training now fully controling his actions.

"finally a security console"

Arriving at an auxiliary armory he input his acess codes a few times and seeing them blocked he backdoored into it by ripping off the touchpanel as it was faster given the situation. He then used his tricorder to interface directly and found out that the Borg had overrun the base and were doing mass beams to the cube in orbit. As much s he hated to admit it, for al lhe knew he was alone as those combadges would most likely be gone in mere moments.

-tapping his badge again-

"this is marine captain Jolan k Trask to any survivors im isolated and low on ammo my sector is clear if anybody is receiving give me a rv point or beam me to you,im on "E" deck section 15 auxiliary armory Beta 2 dug in,i need help A-SAP"

==Somewhere else on Memory Alpha==

Lyden held his breath for what seemed like an eternity as the two Borg slowly plodded their way past his corridor and out of sight. Breathing a sigh of relief, Kurtis crept to the intersection and took a careful look in both directions.

The smoke made it difficult to see more than 20 feet or so but that would hopefully work to his advantage as well. In the distance, off to his right, Kurtis could make out the forms of more bodies littering the corridor. A lump formed in his throat as he thought about the engineering fire control team that had been on this level and he steeled his mind against what he might find.

He stifled an urge to cough but it was getting more difficult as the smoke grew thicker; he'd have to find the emergency air masks on this level and soon or it wouldn't be the Borg that took him out. As Lyden closed in on the scene of the fight he could swear he caught a slight movement from one of the bodies and he hurried forward as quietly as possible.

A slight cough broke the silence as Kurtis reached the bodies. "Who's there?" Came a croak in a hushed whisper. Lyden went to the prone body that the voice had emerged from. It was another marine.

"Easy marine, it's all right. My name's Lyden, are you hurt bad?" Kurtis whispered as he knelt down next to him.

"My leg's busted in three places and I must have passed out." He replied fighting the urge to cough again.

Lyden quickly found the marine's knife and cut away the sleeve of the man's uniform and tied it around his head making sure he covered the marine's nose and mouth firmly.

"That should help out for the moment but I've got to find us some air masks or we're not gonna last much longer." Kurtis said softly to him, fighting the more and more incessant need to cough. The marine eased himself up onto an elbow and quietly said

"I'm pretty sure I saw some emergency supplies mounted to the wall a few doors back."

"Okay you just lay still and I'll be back in a flash." Lyden whispered and made his way off in the direction the marine had indicated. His heart dropped at first when he saw the emergency supplies strewn across the deck but he did manage to find two functioning air masks.

His prizes in hand, he hurried back to the injured marine and, stripping away the temporary cloth mask he's made him, slipped the air mask onto his face.

"Okay just breath slow and easy." he instructed him as he repeated the process on himself.

"Alright, first things first, we've gotta find a safe place to hide for the moment till I can figure out what the hell the Borg are up to?" Lyden said more to himself than the marine. As much as he hated backtracking, Lyden knew the fires were fewer and farther between back the way he'd come. There was a storage room back in the corridor he's first entered; if he could make it back there with the marine, they'd be safe for the moment.

"Alright marine, it's time to get you to safety." He said trying to sound confident.

"Leave me sir." he replied. " I can't walk, I'll just slow you down and we'll both wind up dead or worse."

"Marine...Now I ain't one to pull rank so all I'm gonna say is shut up and let's get moving. You ain't dying on my watch." Lyden ordered him and he helped support the marine's weight as he pulled him up.

The marine gasped in pain and almost blacked out but he hung in there."Okay there's a small storage room back down the side corridor I arrived in." Lyden explained. "We'll make for that and God willing we won't run into any walking toasters along the way."

They were fortunate and even though it had been slow going, they made it to the storage room without incident.The Borg were obviously too busy to take notice of the pair but...busy doing what? And why here??

=== USS August, Corridor 4 section 15 ===

The Borg drone wandered the hall - it was all that was left of the 5 or 6 that had been beamed or torpedoed over to the Federation vessel called August. It knew its primary target and was heading there now, although its cohorts had run into issues. A small Bajoran woman ran into the hall and screamed - it was annoying and in fact was futile.

"There is no point to screaming," it said plainly as it smacked her across the head.

The drone bent down and inserted the two wires from its sleeve into the woman's neck. Eventually, cybernetic patches scabbed over her face wounds. The drone took out an extra eye piece from its belt and placed it on the Bajoran's head - the red laserlight turned on immediately.

"We are the Borg," the new drone responded.

"We have our orders - let us proceed." The two nodded and continued down the corridor.

=== Station Memory Alpha ===

The two teams of Borg that had gotten down to the Federation station were successfully making their way through the halls towards their target. The first team was almost there while the second was closing in to provide backup.Suddenly blaster fire and a smoke grenade came at the drones. They immediately turned and began returning fire, their shields eventually matching the modulation frequency of the human weapons and protecting them. One 2 had died.

"Resistance is futile," they said in harmony. "Lower your weapons and join us. Your unique--" They were cut off by more fire from the group, and thus they fired back until there were no more shots.

"We are the Borg," they said to themselves pointlessly as they continued on.

=== USS August ===

The two Borg, one newly converted, wandered the decks. Eventually they ran across a human who was actively crawling around. It had two breath masks. Its efforts were worthless, and it posed no danger to them.

"Continue to target,", the two said to one another over the Borg wavelengths.

The human in yellow scurried off with his breathmasks as the two Borg entered the Medical area of this level. They knew this would contain the information they wanted.

"Avoid their medical facility, as it will be busy." One said to the other.

"Yes, the small research lab ahead will contain what we need on polaron and antiproton weapons."

They nodded and continued there.

=== Memory Alpha ===

The first team had access to the computers at last. It was only a matter of time before they cracked the codes and got in. Human computers were so predictable. The weapons technology along with the hull plating used on Federation ships would be analyzed and incorporated into the collective."What is wrong," said one of the drones to the one at the console.

"The humans have put an advanced encryption algorithm on the data for this entire station. It will take time."

Suddenly shots rang out across the research pod they were in. The second team had just arrived and went to cover the entrance.

"Continue," the first one said to the one at the console on the Borg waves.

"Their efforts will fail."The shots continued as the second team's shields caught on to the frequencies and protected them for the time being.

A few of them stated together. "We are the Borg. Cease firing and stand down. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. It will be added to the information we gather from this station. Resistance is futile."

As with almost every other species they encountered, the enemy still resisted…

(Continued in Part 4)

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