My value of ori, pre and seq trilogies Star Wars.

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Though at the time the prequels were released the mere fact there were prequels being released and that there was "fresh" Star Wars on screen for us after so many years greatly colored my experience of them. over the years my view on them has changed, even if only by my own aging.

But still, overall i feel they're very good taking the, at first glance, few hints and references from the original trilogy and building a history on them that was detailed, believable and in many ways deepening and expanding the understanding of the fans about the Jedi, the Sith, the Force and how extensive yet subtle the machinations of the Sith had been before Palpatine and yet how those machinations were part of an overall plan to achieve the destruction of the Jedi and the rule over the entire galaxy.

This was later solidified and finished during the Clone Wars series .

With the sequels, when taken as a whole, the two trilogies and the Clone Wars series have been violently raped and murdered before being declared to have as much significance and historical/cultural/social impact on the history of the Galaxy as having factually not taken place at all.

A very lengthy and mutilated sentence I couldn't not withhold from y'all

The Force awakens seen through the lens of the last two films is no better and as guilty as those two films but when on its own merits or as the bridge down from the original trilogy and setup to the sequel trilogy which would then be with the last two films being depictions of the Galaxy at large doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past because of the ignorance of their history, the Jedi's realization of, and return to, the Jedi's roots when Qui-Gon, Yoda, Anakin, and Luke understanding that only balance in the force can keep the darkness from overwhelming the light or the light consuming the dark.

Ryan Johnson's Crime against Star Wars-ity, and fall to the Mad Side.

But the last two films weren't that. They were at best nothing hardly related in any way to the original trilogy, the prequels or even the first of the trilogy, and a violent unprovoked, and violent violation of the creators, consumers, and future of the franchise.

The sickest and most offensive of the last two films in the sequels being episode VIII "the Last Jedi" which Ryen Johnson turned into the vengeful harbinger of the loathing, hatred, disrespect, and condescension Ryen Johnson feels toward both the original trilogy and fans as the prequel trilogy and its fans.

These two final films in the triple saga are best considered a nightmarish drunken dream that never happened and was forgotten.

The Upcoming series provide opportunities to take some steps in that operation while tying up the last strands of loose threads left in the originals and prequels. If it will be an opportunity taken and properly applied we shall have to wait and see. I certainly hope so, and that Ryan Johnson will be forever banned from even thinking about anything related to Star Wars.

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