Liberation day 2022!

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I had agreed with myself I wouldn't do this anymore, but here we are moving along so smoothly we are already at the end of the first sentence.

About an hour ago, or two, I got the usual "signal" from my brain that tells me that it's time to go to sleep. It does so in a "Sleep or I'll decide where you're gonna wake up!" kind of way.

But, wouldn't you know it, my brain chose the moment i had just started a new game in Galactic Civ IV. So we entered into negotiations, and after a tough negotiation agreed that I'd play the new game for at most an hour or so.

I've closed down the game about 10 minutes ago, and we're now 6 hours after that one hour I'd agreed upon. My ass is so sore from sitting all the time it's like I've laid in the sun too long with only my buttocks exposed to the sun...

Hmm, maybe I should've considered this before typing it but i may just have given you more information than you needed.…or wanted.…

And if that is the case then…I probably shouldn't tell you that I just farted and that the smell literally replaces the oxygen in your lungs…

Ah well.

Today we celebrated Liberation day in this country. It was 78 years (i think, I hope so or I'll feel so embarrassed when I read this sober and rested) ago that my city was one of the first in the Netherlands to be liberated. We were liberated by the 2nd Polish Tank Division, under General Maczek.

So from the Dutch to the Polish: dziękuję

We're honored that we were chosen to take the responsibility to take care of your friends that gave their lives for our freedom. The Polish honor field still looks pristine, clean, maintained, and even got expanded with a memorial center and museum.

Want to know more about the connection between Breda and the Polish liberators?

But anyway I had a good time at the Liberty festival held here in the city and I treated myself to a wonderful bottle of 15-year-old Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch Whisk.

The reason I mention this?

No reason but i am going to close it for today.

Thanks for reading this

Stay safe and stay happy.


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