I've done it. I solved the life problem..

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I think I've done it!

I have reached the end-game of this game called life. I've finally distilled the important three things that will guarantee (almost) a life that is happy, eventful, and successful.


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Sholy Hit!

Let me finish before breaking out the pitchforks and torches, sheeesh!!!

Of course, there are some asterixes and "when" "if" and "if not" to consider with that statement. One of them is that the trinity guarantee only covers one's own actions and influenceable situations. Outside influence and unforeseen incidents aren't covered, even though the trinity offers the best course out of anything the outside might get you into.

You're civilized, aren't you?

But I suggest y'all take your instinctive need to burn me down and run me out of town down a notch and let me finish. If at the end of the article you still feel I should be burnt at the stakes, or drawn and quartered, by all means, get organized and hunt me down.

So…here we go.

The first pillar.

Believe, feel, and know you can do anything you truly passionately want to do or that you're able to learn how to do it quickly. Whatever you're objection is that instinctively grips your neck and makes it hard for you to breathe, it is wrong! Whatever it is that makes you doubt that this goes for you as much as for anyone else, it isn't real and you made it up. It's not whatever you think keeps this from being true for you, but it is YOU that is the only obstacle.

Here's what I mean:

If you really want to do something everything you do to progress towards doing that thing you want to do is exciting, interesting, and (sometimes only in hindsight) a part of the experience of the journey to the end goal. Everybody can do or learn anything they enjoy or need to learn to be able to do what they enjoy. It is a residual instinctive thing left over from our pre-sentient ancestors. I like to remind people at this point that "no one really needed to teach you how to masturbate right?" maybe you didn't figure out all the details on your own but the mechanics (rub there, incredibly good feeling after a while) you found out on your own, you learned that without realizing that you were learning something.

So if you really like something, and want something passionately, you will, seemingly without effort, learn what you need to learn to do it. Might only learn how to do it badly, but you'll learn how to do it.

Unless your sentient human pathetic emotionally unstable self manages to convince you of some stupid shit it fabricated because… whatever. Only you can keep you from doing what you really truly passionately want to do. No one and nothing else can stop you.

End of the 1st pilar.

Ooooh wheeeeeey.…

Dayum, can you feel the tension? Can you feel the barely contained rage? This first bit pushed a lot of buttons. It salted a load of sore nerves I can tell. But, with this being the readcash community, everyone is civilized enough to control themselves until I've finished. Awesome!

I love this community!

Second pillar.

DYOR. Do Your Own Research. Among many of you a phrase inextricably linked to cryptocurrency, crypto trading, crypto everything. I have never understood how it got linked to crypto, to be honest. Because it's a phrase that is inextricably linked to EVERYTHING IN LIFE! Never ever believe something, accept anything as fact or let yourself be convinced by anything just because one or more other people say so. When someone tries to convince you of something, always ask yourself why that person wants to convince you. What is their motivation? (note the question is not What do they say their motivation is, there's a big difference).

Always helpful and worth keeping in mind at all times:

* The Universe is under no obligation to make sense to you.

* The most complicated thing in the universe will fail if the simplest part of it does not work. Look for the simple parts of anything and see if they work. If they don't…the complexity they're part of isn't going to work either. ***

* The only one, the only thing, in this Universe that will ever do something that benefits you only because it benefits you is YOU! This logically leads to the conclusion; that the only one you can trust to do anything for you is you. Everyone else has ulterior motives, even if you think or are told otherwise.

End of pilar.

Oh yeah, I know, that turned up the tension for some of you. But some are clicking in their heads already. "Wait a minute…click click click". And again, as is the nature of this community, all will politely control themselves until I had the chance to finish my argument. I love this community.

Third Pillar


It is possibly the most important thing to learn. Without it though, it is impossible to truly live true to the first two pillars. FAYA stands for Fuck All Y'All. If you've kept true to the first two pillars and you still have a different view from everyone else, then you need to FAYA and do what you must regardless of what others think. If you don't, you're a traitor to yourself.

End of Pilar.

This is the Tripod, the Trinity, you can use as a foundation to build your personality upon. It is a stable base upon which you can build the platform support for your life.

So now it's time.

It is time, I am finally ready. I am finally prepared for and capable of having a successful life, from childhood to the grave. So go on, rewind, and drop me off back in 1974 so I can start my life, for realsies this time.

*reaches 88Mph*


Thanks for reading this

Stay safe and stay happy!

  • (for those waiting for the right time to burn me, that time ended at FLASH)


When falsehoods are created, when ideas are converted into words and deeds, when untruths are built, most of the time those doing the creating think of the big questions that will be asked. They think about the goal they want to achieve and fit their creation to the shape the goal needs it to be. They never look at the simplest parts. They never use the "common sense" checklist to see if what they create also ticks all boxes on that checklist. So narrow everything down to the simplest level and see if nothing breaks down. Consider facts that have nothing to do with the main topic or argument, but interact with it if true. If something breaks down at that level the rest isn't going to work either, no matter the cause or the consequences.

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