Idea: Use tokens as an educational tool to teach 12 y.o. kids about crypto and blockchain.

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2 years ago

Every once in a while I get some idea in my head and instead of me running with the idea, the idea runs with me, in a manner of speaking. I think I've got one of those on my hands right now and I'm wondering if it is worth pursuing and if there's something I should be doing I am not, or something I am doing I shouldn't.

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So what idea did I have this time?

Well, it started out with me thinking it is too bad that somehow my son, 12 years of age, is showing very little interest in learning anything about cryptocurrency, blockchain, and the whole universe that has evolved around it. I think that at his age this is a perfect time for him to gain knowledge while we're relatively close to the beginnings of it all. As far as I can see the role of cryptocurrency and blockchain and so on in his life are only going to be bigger in the future. It might even once become the dominant form of currency and financial transactions, during his lifetime.

So I got an idea when I came across the SmartLSP token manager. What if I create a token with his name, then set up a wallet for him and send him a couple of million of them, and find a way for the tokens to be listed on an exchange or something to make it interesting enough for him to get enthusiastic about it.

Didn't think it through and simply just went and created a token.

And I have to admit, the process was easy peasy. Just fill out the fields and bob's your uncle! (yeah, I know, those American phrases are kind of weird. lol) In no time I had created a token, with a contract address, which I could add into my Metamask wallet and which I could send to other wallets. At least, that's what it looked like...

Time for a little test?

So I took to reddit and twitter and offered to send some tokens for free if anyone gave me their wallet address to send it to. This is where it got a bit confusing I guess. I got notified the tokens were not arriving at the addresses I sent them to. I suspect those people just need to add the token to their wallet, for them to see the tokens. According to smart scan, the transactions have been completed successfully and the addresses have, according to smart scan, MEMA in them.

At this point, I got a little sidetracked

Some stuff was going on then that drew my attention and so that's where the practical part of the idea got stuck but my mind never really let it go. I began thinking about what could be done to aid the adoption of BCH and the idea suddenly came to me that one of the best ways to ensure, or at least make it more probable, future adoption is by teaching our young ones about blockchain, cryptocurrencies and everything related to them (along the way establishing that Bitcoin Cash is the only real Bitcoin) so they'll be more likely to come out on top when the future's cryptocurrency only society becomes a reality.

Get them when they're young!

This idea melted with the thing I was doing with the token and I thought that maybe an educational course could be created where a group of kids get a meta mask wallet with a bunch of tokens in them (MEMA's of course ;) ) and then get assigned tasks that require them to use those tokens. One or two kids get to be the merchants who sell things, and they want or need to get that in MEMA tokens. Others are the consumers buying things and another group is the CEO of a DEX.

Lots of possible options there!!

The thing is I am not an educator nor am i knowledgeable enough in the crypto token and block/side chain to be able to pull such a thing off on my own. But I am somehow convinced that giving a kid a wallet with 1000 tokens and saying that whatever happens the wallet with the tokens is his to keep, the kid's interest in what a token is and what can be done with it will be piqued.

So I guess this is where I call upon you my BCH minded friends

What do you think?

  • Is the idea of creating a course for kids aged around 12 to teach them about blockchain, crypto, and stuff like that a good idea?

  • Is the idea of using a token or a yet-to-be-created coin to teach them practical things about crypto's a good idea?

  • Would this be helpful in the promotion and advancement of Bitcoin Cash?

  • Would this be something I could find help with on a crowdfunding site or something?

I am curious what you think! If you think this is a good idea worthy of persuing, I will!

Thanks for reading this!

Stay safe and stay happy!


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2 years ago


What you want and what you did (own token) and your present idea (the course) are all ways that may lead to Rome but I wonder why you make it so difficult.

I understand why children and many others are not interested because it is too difficult. If crypto takes over (most likely a digital coin will wipe out fiat money) it won't be in the way it is now. It has to be simple and young and old will be able to do some simple steps with what's left after bills etc are paid automatically.

Those steps are not more than transferring from one account to the next (payment or gift). The system behind it (blockchain) is not interesting (it will be for governments to know and store everything about you).

Most children and with them many adults can not handle money. They don't know the value of it, credit cards, loans, debts is the standard. Spending money you don't have. You need to start here with a simple banking app, working for your own money. Next different ways to pay.

If that's clear an introduction to crypto is possible. A simple one that leads to the (still) positive aspects of crypto which are you can get paid in it if you work for it (some call it for free) and investing (it can get more!). That last aspect worked for my children. They saw their money grow.

By now there are hundreds of ways to buy, sell, pay and for starters it isn't easy. What we have is not accessible for the mass. Can be Pay Pal, FB or some others will deal with that problem, most likely the governments will with a simple app on the phone. With you I do agree children should be educated if it comes to finances (crypto included). For children/starters a game might work preferably with a real crypto they can buy something with too. Seeing it grow on your account is great but it's only real if you can do something with it, spend it and hold that item in your hand.

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2 years ago

That's why i'm looking to find a way to get the coin listed, so they can trade with each other but also sell it, and eventually get real world real value from it they can use for toys or something. I found by the way that my kid and some other kids that they're remarkably aware of the value of money and the importance of it, as well as how it manifests itself in our lives. They have bank accounts, they save and they have plans. (mine has his eyes on a Darth Vader lego display piece that was used for some promotion campaign, and appearantly he has the option to buy it.) He only needs 100€ more, and he has 3 weeks left to get it together. The temptation to cash in some of my BCH to give him the 100€ is great but i'm resisting so far. The BCH are intended for him in the end anyway but still, i've stuck to my committment to the DCA method so far religiously almost. Drinking a nice mug of coffee at 11:00 every monday morning to buy 10€ worth of BCH and put it in that wallet is becoming a holy ritual of sorts. Taking 100€ would kind of break the spell, if you get what i mean.

Wouldn't it be awesome if he could sell some of his MEMA, or maybe even stake it, and get the 100€ for Darth Vader that way?

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2 years ago