Filipinos... WTF? What are you thinking?

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1 year ago

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It's possible

Alright, let me begin by stating that the possibility is not unimaginable in this article, and the questions asked in it come from ignorance and me not seeing something the rest of the world didn't realize could be overseen.

But not likely

The more likely reason I am the one asking these questions is that I seldomly care about PC and people feeling offended.

Because, to be honest, I would much rather DuckDuckGo this one and click on an article or video that explains everything and move on. But I can't. There aren't any ELI5 articles or videos.

But I'm not afraid to ask!

So I am going to do the dumb thing, and hop onto the only platform where people from my side of the world and people of the nationality I am going to ask questions about both visit en masse and even interact with each other on a friendly basis.

Yes, that's right Filipinos! I am talking about and I am going to be addressing y'all directly in this article.

Choosing the title

At first, when I started this article I was going to use the title: "WTF? Seriously? Are you pranking the world right now, or did you leave your brains at home?"

I decided that was too long, and then thought about using "Philippines, blink three times if you are being threatened" but that would leave too much room for misinterpreting my meaning with this article.

So it's most likely going to be "Philippines, never forget that YOU CHOSE this today."

Or something else entirely.

Read a lot of articles complaining about the government

And let me explain what I mean by that. I have read a lot of articles from Filipinos with heavy criticism and complaints about their government. Corruption, bureaucracies, abuse of power, and things like that are mentioned as being rampant and oppressing the population, mostly the poor of society.

So there are elections

But when there's an election, where you have the chance to choose leadership that wants to change those things you complain about, you choose, and think about this as you read this:

The son of the worst president the Philipines ever had, and his wife who together hold the Guinness Book World record "Greatest Robbery of a Government".

And you chose:

The daughter of the last president is under investigation by the international court and is facing allegations of corruption.

To summarize:

The son of the worst dictator in your history, and the daughter of the current president, who is controversial, to say the least.

Now I hear you freaking out there,


"You can't hold them responsible for their parent's actions!"

and you're right.


  • that he was very much an active part of the "Marcos" organization. He was appointed vice-governor of Ilocos Norte in 1980 and governor of Ilocos Norte in 1983 (replacing his aunt!!).

  • He was also appointed Chair of the board for Philcomsat where he got a salary of almost 97000 dollars per month despite almost never being at the office or having any tasks within the board.

  • After the exile of the family Marcos, investigations found that BongBong (really?!) benefitted greatly from the wealth that the family had stolen from the Filipino people.

  • Aside from the tuition, US$10,000.00 monthly allowance, and the estates used by Marcos Jr. and Imee Marcos during their respective studies at Wharton and Princeton, each of the Marcos children were assigned a mansion in the Metro Manila area, as well as in Baguio City, the Philippines' designated summer capital.

  • Properties specifically said to have been given to Marcos Jr., included the Wigwam House compound on Outlook Drive in Baguio City, and the Seaside Mansion Compound in ParaƱaque.

  • Soon after arriving in Hawaii, Marcos Jr. participated in an attempt to withdraw US$200 million from a secret family bank account with Credit Suisse in Switzerland.

  • Even more worrying is the fact that during the last days of the 1986 People Power Revolution, Bongbong Marcos, in combat fatigues to project his warlike stance, pushed his father Ferdinand Marcos to give the order to his remaining troops to attack and blow up Camp Crame despite the presence of hundreds of thousands of civilians there.

So please stop saying the man was innocent of his father's and mother's crimes.

And the vice president is going to be the daughter of the current president, or the former president rather. She used to be mayor, with her brother as vice mayor, who replaced her father, who used to be mayor before her or something. No one in the Philipines is thinking "That's a dynasty!" and everyone is like "what could possibly go wrong?"


So from where I am standing the Philipines choose willingly to place those two in charge of their country, and should accept any misery that they cause without complaint.

But, being an outsider looking in from Europe there must be something I am not seeing. Millions and millions of Filipinos have voted for them, confident that they are going to lead the nation into a better future. What do they know that I don't?

Please my Filipino friends, help me understand!

Thank you for reading this!

Stay safe, and stay happy!

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1 year ago


Do not believe all information on the internet about the history of the Philippines. Most of them have been tampered. All I know is former president Marcos was the best President ever. And if he wasn't dethroned from his position, the country should have been better and probably less corruption and debt. The country was called The Rising Tiger of Asia during his reign but the envious opposite party did things to remove him from reigning in the country..til then, the level of crimes, corruption, and debt, has risen.

Now, his son wanted to continue his father's duty as well as the current president's daughter. Because if the opposite party wins, the Philippines would be in mess for sure... The country needs a leader with an iron fist so that people will follow the rules, or else, crimes will just be everywhere.

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1 year ago

Thing is.... I am not believing information on the internet. As a matter of fact, when Marcos got austed the internet did not exist, and wouldn't exist for 6 to 8 years. What I do remember is the footage of normal Filipino people walking through the residence of the Marcos family in shock and awe of the opulence and decadence of the mansion (police) and I remember the 3000 pair of designer shoes (none worth less then 500 dollars) Imelda had collected. I do know the facts and figures that were revealed about the decadent parties that the Marcos's attended and organised. And I do know they hold the Guinness book of world records "Greatest robbery of a government".

And that is all without a single letter from the internet. That is just my own memories. Maybe the family Marcos is really good at Historical distortionism, with the current generation of Filipinos who haven't experienced the martial law and President Marcos the first?

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1 year ago