Ease of use of BCH real life example.

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2 years ago

I'd like to express my thanks to my very first sponsors !

I am honored, and i am greatful for your support!

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Real life showcase situation:

With the weather being as good as it was last weekend was a good moment to have a little something extra for doing something fun as father and son. "Excellent moment to have a look at the amount of BCH in the read.cash wallet!" I thought!

And I again experienced in practice how convenient Bitcoin Cash is to use!

How many millions of dollars are we talking about here??

lol, I wish. Nah, like I've done before we're talking a little over 15 dollars, about 12 to 13 Euros.

Over the span of a week more or less I had been fortunate enough to accumulate about 15$ worth of Bitcoin Cash from my articles here.

What manners of gluttanous debouchary did we endulge in?

So last Saturday, when we spontaneously came up with the idea to go swimming, at an old sand winning pit nearby which is now open for recreation, I decided to take the BCH I had and use it to brighten my son's day a bit more.

A smile on the face of a child brings joy!

Of course, taking a ride on the scooter that I managed to acquire recently is already something he and I enjoy a lot.

But having 10€ extra to spend on drinks and to get ice cream when we were there indeed made him smile a bit more. And when he smiles more, it brings me more joy as well.

How, and how quickly, I got the Bitcoin Cash from read.cash to spendable fiat?

Well, here is what I did:

First, I transferred it to a BCH address on my Binance account. There I could have gone two directions with it to be able to use it even reasonably far outside of the city limits.

The road not taken:

One would have been to put it directly onto a visa debit card. That has the drawback that the fees for the transactions of the visa card can be a bit on the high side.

The road took:

So as it was relatively only a small amount I decided to

  • sell the BCH for euros

  • withdrew the euros to my bank account via a SEPA transaction.

The total cost of it all was 82 Eurocents. (i guess that's a dollar or something.)

Pretty quick too!

The time it took from sitting here in my read.cash wallet to being on my Fiat bank account, available for either withdrawal from atm's or for paying with my pin pas was exactly 19 minutes, and most of that time was spent deciding if I wanted to wait for the BCH/EUR price to get more favorable or if I'd sell at market. In the end, I went with the market, for expedience.

What did we end up spending the moola on?

So when we, me and my Son, were there at the Galderse Meren (the "lake"), we had

a nice cold Fanta for refreshments with us,

we got a Big Friet (fries) Oorlog (peanut sauce and mayonnaise) from the frietboer (snack cart), and I was able to get him

an Ice cream cone from the IJsjesman (guy selling icecream)

The perfect way to top off a very enjoyable day, with a smile on my Son's face, and a little joy from that for me!

All thanks to read.cash and Bitcoin Cash.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed doing so. Not a long or very financially helpful article today I'm afraid, but it's good to show that cryptocurrency doesn't always involve life-changing changes or big money market trading, or becoming financially independent. Sometimes cryptocurrency is just about a bottle of Fanta, a box of Fries with peanut sauce and mayonnaise, an ice cream cone, and a smile on a young boy's face.


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2 years ago


I'm happy you are putting smile on your son's face. It's been nice reading your journey so far

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