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It's another Sunday... Dammnit!

And here we are again. Sitting behind the keyboard, staring at a black screen with a blinking green cursor. (yeah, I like it old-school, just like the days of the 8086 processors and the first IBM-compatible PCs. The only difference between my screen when I write and those screens back then is that I can't read the last lines I've typed when I close my eyes, an hour after I've shut down the computer.

But here I am again and as I've often found the last couple of weeks I don't really know what I am going to write about. There are a couple of things that are still waiting for their next episodes but somehow I don't feel the vibe I need for those. In fact, I'm feeling quite different from how I normally feel when I sit down to write.

So what gives?

Good question. To be completely honest I couldn't tell you with certainty. My best guess is that due to circumstances my Son couldn't be here this weekend, and he won't be here next weekend either, which means I probably won't see him for 3 weeks straight. Just typing that out feels like reaching inside me and ripping out all the joy in one vicious yank.

It's not that I don't feel like writing. Far from it, I welcome the distraction, keeping my mind from revisiting the dark places in my mind. I've taken you there once and judging by the stats you liked it even less than I did. Even Rusty was like "Ah Hell No! I ain't even looking at that shit" so that makes it universally unanimous: The dark places in my mind should stay just that: Dark, unseen, ignored, and denied.

So…let me fix the atmosphere here.

Let's do something different this time. Not in a music listening kind of mood so let us get a funny person to make jokes on stage, record it on video and watch that!

Queue Liz Miele.

This show is the first I've ever seen from her

At first, I didn't think I'd like her comedy very much

but fifteen minutes in I found I enjoyed the show. Not like I was rolling on the floor with aching muscles from laughing too hard. But I was smiling and had the occasional muahahaha…moments. She is a comedian you could put up when having visitors just below the general volume in the room for the "off" moments and guests. Those not interested in conversation can listen to her, and at those awkward moments of silence, she'll fill the silence with jokes.

She'll never be one of the great comedians though, and she doesn't seem like the time to have that ambition.

It's not like she's a Christopher Titus or Jim Jeffries.

Those are two icons of comedy right now, both very different but misperceived by many as being the same thing. Those seldom turn out to be fans of either though. Those who don't like their comedy though usually describe them as offensive, racist, misogynistic, right-wing, and so on and on and on.

People that have the opinion that there are things you cannot joke about and that take offense in the name of a group of people they're not even part of. They dismiss the shows of Titus and Jeffries as being nothing more but finding the most offensive thing to say and spinning a joke around it.

As with much of what people like that think, they are utterly wrong about everything they feel so strongly about.

First of all,

even though I feel it shouldn't have to be said out loud (our typed out loud) as it is a universal truth but these days




Second of all the styles and subjects and everything about their shows are completely different from one another. Christopher Titus's shows are more thematic than Jeffries' are and often have one or two threads in them that keep returning throughout the show, in other jokes. He often also likes to, surreptitiously almost, confront the audience with something about themselves that would give cause for somber self-contemplation if it wasn't so hidden in between punch lines and followed by a new thread by Titus.

Arm the Children.

The best example is the show in which he talks about kids in schools and the shootings, and the crime and presents a solution opposed to a proposal or statement once made by a government official that called for arming the teachers in schools. After reminding everyone of their own behavior in school towards a teacher and letting that trail off he suggests "Arm the children" and turns it into a campaign slogan chant. He then starts explaining why arming the children would work to solve problems like pedophiles, abusive parents, neglect, and some other things. After each point of explanation, he calls on the crowd to finish his sentence for him and says:

"And all we had to do was....?"

after which the public goes


This was then turned on its head when Titus reveals the real danger is a group mindset just accepting this clearly bad idea as a good one. He does it by letting the public chant "ARM THE CHILDREN" one more time before having a second of silence and then asking:

"Do you see how Hitler got started?" and then into the awkward silence says "You were just yelling to arm the children" after which an awkward laugh descends as the crowd realizes what just happened. But before that awkwardness can settle in Titus moves on after saying "That was a social experiment and you failed miserably"


He even went so far as to make a song out of it!

The best show though is the one he described like this:

For those who have children, this show is 90 minutes of therapy. For those who do not have children, this show is 90 minutes of birth control"

(Born with a defect)

Jim Jeffries ain't no Christopher Titus

Jim Jeffries is a whole different kind of show altogether. Whether it is because he used to be wasted during his shows in the early days or if it's because he always sounds like that I don't know but I always have the feeling I'm listening to an average Aussie fellow late Saturday night on his way home after a good night out.

To me, he always sounds like he had more than a few beers too many. But don't let that fool you, the man knows every word he will say on stage, when he will say it and how he will say it before he even walks onto the stage. And a lot of what he says is when taken seriously and out of context really will make snowflakes run screaming and pulling their hair out towards their nearest "safe place". But if you listen to what he says and accept he is joking, you know, which is kind of his job, will not get the most laughter out of their money but also find themselves thinking

"technically, you know, I gotta say…he's got a point."

One of the funniest stories (a lot of his shows are him telling a story) is when he helped his buddy's brother, who suffers from muscular dystrophy, go to a prostitute. Yeah, I know, when I read that back it sounds horrible. But trust me, it's hilarious, heartwarming, and beautiful.

Both of these comedians are mistaken for bigots, a$$h0l3s, and everything snowflakes are told to fear. But they're not. This is just the time we live in I guess. A perfect example of this phenomenon is, to me, Bill Burr.

Bill Burr

He has been made out to be a racist, besides the usuals like misogynist and bigot and so on, but then get awfully quiet when you remind them that, in fact, Bill Burr is married to a Black woman (from Harlem).

It is symptomatic of the ridiculously far left our society is swinging through this curb of civilization I'm afraid. What you meant to say, how you said it, and in what context do not matter anymore. It's like government surveillance. It gets triggered by words or phrases and as soon as they're detected, the woke army marches to destroy whoever uttered the trigger phrase.

Ah anyway, I feel like I'm still in the prelude phase of the article like I have yet to begin. But looking at the number of words I'm surprised to find that if I don't end it here, people will think it's too long and won't even read it at all...

*reads back the article*

*shakes head in disappointment*

And who knows, maybe they'd be the ones better off?

Feels like I've done a whole lot of talking and a whole lot of saying nothing...



Nah I'm just keeping it light for a Sunday night.

Thanks for reading this!

Stay Safe and Stay Happy. (SSSH)


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I guess your blogs are good on Hive too 😅..

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