Begun these RickRoll Wars have!

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The story

My kid is really growing up quickly. It's something I've not yet come to terms with, and I tend to try and shrink him back to when he was 3 years old or 4. It doesn't seem to work like that though for some reason and I've failed every single time.

Another tactic I've tried, namely ordering him "Arend, Immediately shrink and go back to being 4 years old, right now! Listen to your father!", was less than stellarly successful

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He wants to beat his father with... something.

So that kind of leaves me in a position in which I have to sometimes deal with the fact he would like to "get one over" on his father from time to time, and try to "beat" me in something.

To be honest, that is an understatement. It seems like he's getting more and more obsessed with the idea that he must beat me, somehow, someway with something. Thing is I really don't know how best to deal with this.

I don't "throw games" or go easy on anyone in any type of game.

I say that if you can't stand to lose, then don't play the game, and if you play the game you play to win. If you don't you disrespect the game and the opponent.

Not even to my kid? Nope.

So far the only thing he's beat me in, something I gave it my best but simply wasn't able to keep up, was an all-out run from the bus stop to our home when we both needed to pee so very badly that we both claimed right to be the first to get to pee. He got to pee fist.

Other than that there have not been any bright ideas to beat me with something I could not possibly beat him at even though there must be millions of things kids these days do that an adult of my age wouldn't be able to make heads or tails of.

But he chooses things I have lots of experience in, like doing, and am actually not bad at. It's something I greatly respect him for and am proud of.

But it doesn't make things easier for him

He's tried to out Pokemon GO me, ever since he got his phone (my old Galaxy 7 edge) and was able to play the game. He knew I'd played every once in a while to pass the time, and was sure that he'd be able to get more and better pokemon than me and beat me in battle. He really got into the game, playing the battery from 100 to 1 percent more than once.

Hid bad luck was that some folks in the Fleet I'm in Star Trek Online are hardcore pokemon fans and never leave the house without 2 power bars for their phones to prevent them from having to not playing pokemon go because their phone's died. They even have key chain gadgets that, automatically, catch every pokemon that they come close to, as well as log their travel distance as they go about their daily lives (incubating eggs and furthering research to make their pokemon stronger, have more cp scores, and evolve to the next level of their pokemon evolutionary track.). We're also pretty high up on the friends tier steps.....


When I mentioned to them that my son was trying to get more and better pokemon in go so he could beat me in battle someday they were more than happy to do some trades with me, giving me some of their redundant pokemon in exchange for some of my lowest level, no power pokemon which were accumulating in my Pokedex.

I was careful to make sure that all Arend saw of my collection of Pokemon were the ones I actually caught and developed myself and to keep the ones I traded with my fleet buddies out of sight. A week and a half ago he evidently had built his pokemon collection to a point he was confident he would beat me thoroughly in pokemon battle.

Was he trying to amp his ego and his creds or was he trying to humiliate me?

With great pomp and show, he made a real big deal out of him "the apprentice" challenging me, "the master" for a final one-on-one battle where he would defeat me and be the master himself.

It was on a nice sunny day in which a bunch of friends and acquaintances had coincidentally all decided to head into the park and soak in the possibly very last warm rays of summer(ish) sun we were likely to see this year.

So 9 of my friends were there, and 4 of their kids, making what he probably felt was a sizable enough audience to really make the defeat I was going to endure feel embarrassing or awkward.

I thought you knew me so well, my young apprentice...

He should have known that things like that, losing a game either alone or with thousands of people watching) don't really bother me at all, no matter how thoroughly I get my butt handed to me, so long as I enjoyed playing the game...

but that's not really the point right now.

Well, long story short, I chose two "normal" Pokemon who were the strongest ones I had as far as he knew but chose one (our trainers level was about the same, he was one level higher than me) of the purified, powered up maxed out pokemon I traded with my fleetmates as the third one. An evolution of eevee.

Which you can see here.

Slaughter ensued.

Well, it wasn't pretty. He was beating my first two pokemon with relative ease and trash-talking about it the whole time. The moment he saw my Vaporeon pop out of that ball.... the look on his face.... priceless!!! It only lasted real short. He lost after three one-hitters and then I saw he was quickly losing the battle against the tears.

But little did I know what I had unleashed....

It was not an hour later when it began.

The Sith Wars: "The Phantom Rick Roll"

Obviously, without me knowing, he was streaming on his YT channel and had our discord in his stream. Well, he openly, brazenly and without shame straight up RICKROLLED ME! Not even making the effort of coming up with an original or something. "Hey dad, is that you on that old Netgamez compo video?" with a link next to it.


And there it was, the original, unedited, plain Never gonna give you up by Rick Astley.

I was stunned.... while everybody laughed. Apparently, the lessons of Pokemon Go are completely forgotten.

In the next week, I got 4 more rickrolls, all of them simple copy and paste jobs from the duckduckgo search for "how to rickroll your dad"

Time to retaliate.

Well, it was time for a strike back. I made a vid titled, " Turn it up, I think my microphone is busted!" which was an almost blacked-out shot of me speaking almost inaudible into the camera.

And then came, boosted to 300% volume, "NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP, NEVER GONNA LET YOU DOWN!!" and a scrolling text underneath saying "This is Rick Rolling done right!"

I sent it through WhatsApp, after asking, "hey is the sound in this vid as bad on your phone as it is on mine?"

Jumping out of chairs... I count that as a win.

He jumped so high out of his seat at the table the chair backed over and he landed flat on the floor, according to his foster care mother. She said there were two classmates with him and they laughed their balls out of their pants.

So it has been a bit quiet after that, on the Sith War front. Until yesterday...

I got another one. This one is just a bit more refined though. I got an email titled "If this is your son, he might be getting in trouble" and showed a slice of a picture of my son that I pretty much see 24/7 every day. It's on my phone background, my desktop background, and so on.

Listen, even though I knew something was up (i was thinking malware or scam) I couldn't-not open the link. In the odd chance of one in a gazillion billion point 0 2, it could be genuinely about my son in trouble, I'll take the bullet, swallow the grenade and push the detonate button on the thermonuclear bomb if I have to...

But no, it was another attack. A strike against me in this war.

And so I got rickrolled again.

*think the voice of Yoda* "Begun these RickRoll Wars have"

And now the only option honer leaves me is:

the Sith Wars. Episode II, Darth Papa's Revenge.

(and even now I am going easy on him. I've not boosted the volume in this one..... )

I have sent this to his whatsapp at 05:45, so he'll still have the sleep in his eyes and fog in his mind. I'm sure he'll appreciate the nice wake up assistance.

I can't wait to see if he'll get creative too, and strike back. Ofcourse in Episode III "Return of the Arend"?

Thank you for reading this.

Stay safe and stay happy.


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Growth is something you don't expect gradually you grow your child is getting mature slowly

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