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2 years ago

That is what you'll be getting in this article! Don't do a Dodo, give into your FOMO!

Somethings off... i hear some of you thinking!! Some of you are really loud when they're thinking! That is why... wait... no its not...

Anywho.... who? ANI!


Moving on! Please disregard the distracting randomness of the random distractions.

Does anyone have the number for Houston? I think I have a problem!

Nah, just janking y'alls chains! Just a lokeje joh, come oooon!

This article is different!!!

It is different and should be avoided like the plague, and it should be shunned forever!

Ok, enough! What is going on?

Odds are this article is going to be nothing like any of the ones that came before. I could give you the reason now, but that would take all the fun out of reading the article. Nah, I’m going to keep the shocking reveal for the end of this show. I mean article.


Anyway, like I stated, it is going to be a different article than you’re used to from me. Because first off, I am going to tell you how my day started. I ordered some things for my kid, belated birthday gifts, yesterday with 2 stores. Paid them with Bitcoin Cash of course, which these days are so normal, and effortless for me that I completely forget how special it is to be able to pay nearly anywhere directly from Bitcoin Cash to fiat or any other currency for that matter. And the fees are o.4% of the transaction, which, if you keep the transaction amounts low, is not very much.

*brainfart flashes through brain* Hey, this wasn't what i was saying!!

But I digress. (you know, I’ve always wanted to say… eeh… type that)

What I was trying to tell you before I got rudely interrupted by myself, was that in the email this morning I found 4 different order confirmations with delivery times. One is here between 11:00am and 15:00pm. The second and third are here between 15:00 and 17:30 but the last one, that window is between 08:00 and 18:00!!!!!!!

So I am basically stuck here, constantly under pressure because I can see the chores I still have to do, but so far I’ve been winning the slash ignore contest. So meh. Later.

Anywhoo, I tried to connect the 19” 16:9 monitor I got donated yesterday. Guess what, it only has vga output. I remember thinking aaaah, no problem, I have five or six vga-dvi adaptor thingies, we got this.

Well, as it turns out… we ain’t got this!!! None fit the dvi port on this graphics card.

Interesting challenge. :D but for another day I thought, lets check out the printer I got with the monitor. The previous owner said the oly thing missing was the usb cable to the computer.

I take out the printer, cut myself on the 20 odd boxes of unopened cartridges and, after an hour or so looking everywhere for that usb cable (it turned out to hang on the wall, 20 cm from my head when i’m sitting behind the computer. Sigh) and the stick the power cable into the…… wait…. Wut!!!?

The printer wants:

The Anonsunamun got:

That goes not work so!


And of course, we all know what it is now!?

Interesting challenge, but for another moment!

Aaaaand moving on. Next email I came across: Today I need to show some cards at the stadium in person, so I can get a season ticking for this season's home games of my team:

NAC Breda!

The message said that I needed to be there between 13:00 and 17:00!

I can’t leave the house today! I can’t risk the package being delivered to the neighbor or that I have to go pick it up somewhere tomorrow…

# Darned!

Subroutine Darned!

def %angry

def %curse

If EXPORT $curse then %curse = %curse -1 AND %angry -1

If %angry = >1 AND %curse is <1 THEN JSR Huh

Input #Brain | $boos

# Huh

Clear all

Do random short circuit

def %confused

def %pew

RND spawn %piew

Read #brainglitch %confused

Goto #Huh

/.//@roothaxxor:>> run Darned

Yeah, that is actually completely useless, and a waste of time. But nice code! Iz got skills... :P

Sigh and I also have to fold the stack of clean clothes, and I have to tell you all the big news, the awesome reveal of awesomeness that is so awesome it makes the word awesome feel insecure and too weak and unworthy to be used to describe such awesomely awesome awesomeness! (think to myself, “I hope I’m not overhyping this too much”)

But wait for a second, if I need to do all that, why the faxx are you idling around, physically abusing an innocent keyboard and polluting your screen and possible leaking to readcash with an attempt at producing a coherent informational or fun article but emitting nothing but


you know, that sound, the one that nobody has been able to think of a name for so you don’t know how to describe it? Sure, everyone makes the sound at some point.

Well, I have a somewhat rational explanation for staying here, typing away for The reveal, the super event of the millennium…. Is right here!

Yes! Right here on the interwebz, the infamous WWW (weird wacky web), yes you guessed it, right here on

So stay tuned.


From the back of the room the silence is pearced by a little voice saying "Awkwaaaaard!"

Yeah maybe you're right!

Okay okay, I will no longer keep you all in suspense. And I know, I know, for most people it's not a big thing, nothing to draw attention to. But I am obviously not a member of that group, “most people”. For me, this is actually an oddly proud moment.

*takes a deep breath*

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you...

The awesome-est awesomely awesome revelation IS:


I have gained a new sponsor!!!!

And not just any old sponsor!

Sponsors of AnonSunamun

So this calls for a celebration!

(random "toot"picture from giphy)

From this moment forth there is a party going on right here, in the comments, and drinks are on the house!!!!!

And here comes the only part of this article that makes sense, and the article was actually written to get out:

Dear Jane,

Thank you soo much for your support!

I am proud that someone like you wants to have her logo show up in every article Anonsunamun writes from now on, it's a great feeling, for which alone I would be grateful! I hope I can keep the level of quality up to your standards.

Thank you!



Quality and high standards!

I know this article might not exactly be an example of that level I’m referring to smiles sheepishly* but I didn’t have an article planned today, nor had I the time to really find inspiration. So when without inspiration, improvise! I wrote this article specially for this occasion. Because I felt that Jane deserved a sponsor spot in an article that’s a bit special to mark the first time Jane’s logo graces an article @Anonsunamun!

As always:

Thank you for reading this.

Stay safe and stay happy!


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Haha... You said too much 🤣 you're welcome there

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