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2 years ago

@HappyBoy wrote this article, and I felt I needed to respond.

That response was suddenly so long, it transformed into an article spontaneously!

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(physicists are baffled! CERN determined to investigate!)

I almost completely agree with what he wrote in his article.


I do feel there's room for nuances and indeed certain rules in friendships in which you, at least as far as anyone else is concerned, you and your friend form a N.A.T.O. kind of pack.

(by the way, lead image is Public Domain)

Just think of these guys, when you wonder what I mean.

If you fight one of us you fight all of us.

It's something I've had to end friendships, decades-long friendships, over. Two actually, for the opposite reasons.

In one instance I and my (less than I thought he was) friend went to a rave together someplace we'd both never been (Hamburg) and somehow, I still don't know why we were immediately identified and pointed out among a group of 5 (apparently local) cockboys. (It's a type you see often at large events and raves. )

Cockboy Hamburgers.

There's or more of them in a group and every single one of them is convinced he's the toughest coolest badass in the group and thinks the others in the group agree. And they have an unrelenting nonstop urge to let other people see that they're the Cock in the chicken coop.

Anyway that evening there were 5 in the group of cocks and they'd targeted us to show how cool, tough and bad they were to the other cocks and any casual observer.

When they had almost finished a beer they would leave 1cm of beer in the plastic can, and then throw it in our direction. That was their main "joke" and then just loud enough for us to hear saying things to each other about what pussies we were and so on.

There is several stages to go through in such a situation:

1: "Must've been by accident."

2: "Probably meant for someone else we stood close to"

3: "Nope, that was intentional, and aimed at us."

4: "Hey are you..." "Fuck yeah. I was about to ask you the same"

5: "Ok, I'm done with this, one more time and I am beating up at least one of them. Team Blue together right?" "Ja Waddan?"

6:Turning to face the cocks and look em in the eye with an attitude that said:

"Ok, we're looking straight at you, either you stop and leave us alone or we're going to utilize violence to express our disliking of your pestering."

7: "The one on the left with the camo jacket is mine."

8:You both throw the first punches and fight for what you are worth.

You both fight as one, get beat up by 30 sick vegan Hamburgers as one, and get saved by the police arresting you, and so on.

That's the 8 step plan, it is the law!

"This is the way"

But that night in Germany that was not entirely what happened.

We went through a couple of stages that evening but at stage six one of us diverted from this script, so sneaky that I didn't even notice until step 8 was well underway.


In this incident I'm now telling you about right now, There was no we, us, team. There was no nothing.

Just me and my;

"What the... where'd he go? Neeeeeh..... really? Ah shit i am fuuuuucked!" moment.

And then the obvious happened.

Before I learned that the first punch, though at least showing lack of fear and possession of pride and self-respect, is not the one you're going to feel the most/longest.

And then get beat up even more by myself, get arrested by myself, and spent 3 days more in Germany than I had wanted.

If you go strictly by your article that asshole that freaking betrayed me and ran could be defended for his action.

But by my friendship rulebook, there's no way in Hell there is ANY story, situation, explanation, or whatever that could defend what he did.

We were both (over more than 2 hours) insulted, assaulted, goaded, and challenged by the 5 cocks and we both agreed that we'd stand up for ourselves and show that trying to bully us is more trouble than any fun or laughs can make it worth.

(that might not be the most literary paragraph, grammar technically speaking, that I've ever committed to keyboard in my life. No idea why but.... )

Another instance was the opposite.

I was with a friend at a LAN party up north and because 7 other guildies canceled last moment there were only the two of us. No problem had an awesome weekend.

By some freak of physics or glitch in the Matrix (as far as i was aware) we wound up winning the 2v2 Unreal2k4 instagib Team-DM compo.

So, at the end of the event, we've managed to stow all of our gear back into the suddenly way too small space in the cars, and we're ready to shake hands, say goodby and see you tomorrow and start driving home.

But traditionally we always drink a Monster and have a last smoke

before actually driving off just chattering about the weekend we've had.

I take a sip from my Monster and decide to go take a leak before the long drive home and set the can on my car's roof and say "be right back, gonna shake the snake real quick" and go to the toilet.

I am back with 3 minutes

and I come out of the toilet to see my friend slugging it out with 3, rather large, idiots who were yelling cheaters and haxx and things like that.

Well, for me there's not a planc second of doubt or consideration. I jump in and helped my buddy, quickly convincing one of the three that i was naptime, and the other two that it was time for them to be somewhere else really quickly.

My friend and I then proceeded to demonstrate how much of a good idea we thought that was.

It was three days later

that I found out that Not only DID my friend use an aimbot in the competition, he even had a lip and boasted about it when the three (the 2 losing finalists and a friend) by chance walked past him on the parking lot and jokingly remarked:

"hey, that's one of the cheaters, lol". (he yelled, yeah stupid, nobody noticed my aimbot, and now I'm taking your prizemoney home with me! or something to that effect)

When he told me that that was what had happened in the three minutes of my piss, I bopped him straight on his nose, picked up the two keyboards we had won, and left. (his nose still hasn't straightened completely.)

So there are two situations where The enemy of my friend is my enemy most certainly is the right thing and in fact an unwritten law more holy than the bible or the constitution.

And i kid you not!

you can ask both those guys to this day to tell the story of the fight with deuZige and they will tell you that what they did was the lowest of the lowest things they'd ever fucked up.

Thank you for reading this!

Stay safe and stay happy!


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2 years ago


I understand you perfectly, if i were in your shoes and i see my friend being attacked , on impulse, i will intefere and take side with my friend. The first case thoughšŸ¤£. Sorry for what happen. That friend of yours is a coward.

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2 years ago