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In the lives of every individual person in the world there is a dream that since from our childhood days that we really wants to come through such as our ambitions, dream job, dream house and also a future partner in life that as time goes by all of those things all those dream that we had are we achive it all in our life as we grow old. But there is also the things that already happen in our past life that if we could only given a chance by GOD that at least to turn back the hands of time so things could never happen. Which mostly we called " What if" So in this article of mine I will share to you my personal experiences in life that I wish that I never done or did not happens and let's get started and this my what if's of my life.

I was the second children of my parents which actually me and my older brother have a 13 years old age gap. My parents started their relationship to nothing as because of their hard work and dedication in life to have a better life they has been a successful business owners from employees they became Bakery owners of a total of 9 branches of their Bakery and they got the success in life that they share their blessings by helping our other family members and relatives and then they have us their two sons me and my brother that everything is almost perfect we have great family and nice fortune as well. But unexpected things happen one big blow to our family my mother was diagnosed of a ovarian cancer and because of her treatment on his sickness almost our wealth is gone, but that is not the problem we don't care if we got bankruptcy as long as my mom survives and lived. But sometimes we just really don't know what is GOD'S plan in our life that only him knows what is the best for us, because after all the battles of my mom in the hospital she then gave up and passed away at me that time is at a young age of 6 years old. And I just wonder that everything that happening in our life has a reason I was so sad untill up to know more than 30 years have passed but sometimes I still ask my self that "what if" my mother did not die so early maybe I did not experience the life that I had been through from my childhood. A life of a kid that is very drought from a love of a mother that even though my father married again and I had a step mother it is still very different the live and care of your true and biological mother. And how I really wish that my mother has not passed away so early that God has given her more years to spend with us especially with me for being together for only short 6 years of my life. But I cannot changed that anymore because maybe GOD already destined it to happen but that is my first what if in my life.

My another what if in life is that how I wish before when I was young and still goes to school that I finished my schooling and education. Since my mother was gone early I was not been able to be guided right by my father because he have his own family and I have three sibling from him so that he cannot focus on me a lots of time. That even though he thinks that he has given my needs especially financially he thinks that is enough but actually not. That while growing up in my school days I had been to meet and go with people who I can say is a bad influence to me or same like me a victim of being young and wild. As supposed to be I finished high school for 4 years only but instead it took me 5 years to finish high school, as I took 3rd year twice as in my first 3rd year my schooling went crazy because of my bad habits and vices together with my gangs.

As I studied college my worst side of my self started as their I learned to take alcohol and drugs and some other bad vices that ruined my studies as my father support my schooling but at the end I said to him that I gave up and will not study anymore as I did not even finish first year of college for studying three years in college. As for today that I have already changed and forget all my bad habits since I meet my wife then. I still think and wondering sometimes what if I did finished my studies that time? Maybe I already have a good career depends on what I have finished studying, that maybe I have a business or company of my own in my own country that I will be always by my side of my family always together with them. Not like know that even though I have a good job as a seafarer still I need to be able to be far away for them to give them all their needs.

But how many times I think and wonder of my what if's in life things cannot be change any more and we should move on from the past and we must look forward for a brighter days ahead that GOD has given us while we are still alive in this very beautiful world he create for us. And that it is for my article and just comment down below about what is your what if's in life and let's talk about it. Thank you and keep safe everyone.

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