"Vesna Vulovic" (Surving a highest fall without a parachute)

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On January 26, 1972 the air plane JAT flight 367 was bombed attacked while it was in the airways of Czechoslovakia. because of the explosion the airplane was cut in to half and all its passengers all fall down in the air and died. But luckily there is one survivor and remain alive and her name is Vesna Vulovic. She is very lucky to be able to survived and miraculously stayed alive after falling in the airplane with the height of 33,000 feet which as high as the Mount Everest. With the height of her fall no one could imagine or believe that she will ever survived or live anymore. How does she managed to escape in the hands of death? So in this article of mine I will share to you her story, who holds now the records in the Guinness World's Records for surviving the highest fall without a parachute.

Vesna Vulovic was working as a flight attendant in JAT the National Airline of the country Yugoslavia before. Vesna was only 22 years at that time when the incident happened. On January 26, 1972 Vesna was a part of the flight crew of JAT flight 367 on that day the airplane was bound to Stockholm coming from Belgrade. Maybe what happen to Vesna is really destined to happen, because she was not really supposed to be on the flight crew on that day. There is one flight attendant who's name is also Vesna and was supposed to be the original to be scheduled on that flight but the company made some error on the line up and that is why Vesna Vulovic was included in the flight crew.

Everything went okay and calmed as soon as the airplane have take off, but right after 46 minutes there is a bomb exploded inside the airplane. Because of the explosion it was cut in to half, until it was out of preassure and the passengers was blown away by the strong winds outside the airplane. The plane has a total of 28 people on board 27 of them has died while there is one lucky survivor which is Vesna Vulovic.

How she managed to survived?

First, when the bomb explode she was accidentally covered by foodcart in the back part of the plane and she was been trapped there, that is why she was not blown away by the winds outside the plane like what happen to other people.

Second, the part of the plane where she was trapped has fallen down in a mountain where there is too many trees that were covered by thick snow and it helps to absurb the impact of the falling part of the plane we're Vesna is there.

Third, in the explosion of the bomb Vesna has suffered a very low blood pressure and it causes her lossing her conscienc. Because of that it prevents malfunctioning of her heart caused by the big impact of the plane to the mountains.

Foutrth, the one who saw and rescue Vesna which is Bruno Honkey is a Medic in World War 2 that is why he managed to give first aid to Vesna while waiting for the ambulance that will bring her to the hospital.

Life of Vesna after the tragedy..

Maybe it's really not the time for Vesna to die on that day, but even though the effect on the incident to her is not that easy. She suffered a fracture on her skull and had a broken foot. She also had 3 vertebrae that broke and her waist was temporarily paralyzed and she also comatose for 10 days. But when she wake up she did not even remember what happened on that incident, the last thing she remembered is the passengers coming inside the plane. It is believed that the bomb was put inside the plane while it was in stop over in Copenhagen Denmark but there is never an evidence found or any suspect that was arrested.

The life of Vesna goes on after she survived an incident that almost take her life, that she claimed the every day of her life as a bonus. After 10 months she was able to walked by her self and took her 16 months for the full recovery. She cameback to work in her company and she wanted to fly again but her company did not allow her instead put her in a position in the front desk. From 1985 up to now Vesna Vulovic holds the record in the Guinness World Records for surviving the highest fall without a parachute. She still lives a total of 44 more years before she passed away on 2016 at the age of 66 years old.

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