Tips on how to survived on this pandemic

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3 years ago

In these times of pandemic that actually all the people all over the world is very tough that literally takes a million number of lives up to know. Aside from that virus the disease that brought by the covid19 there is also a struggle for every body on how to survived on some financial aspect of their lives that some people have lost their jobs because of this pandemic. So what is happening now on our world is like battle of survival that only the strongest could do survived on it. So in this article of mine I will share to you some idea and tips on how to live more longer and be able to survived especially in these rough times of pandemic, so let's get it on.


No matter what the situation we are all facing right now we must stay focus and relax, and removes stress in our daily lives. If you are always angry and hot headed, the stress hormones in your body actually goes up.


The very best supplements that I suggest for our body is the omega-3 fish oil. It has already proven that helps to make our lives much longer. Because it help loosen the veins in our body.


I believed that the people who always pray are very enjoyable and have the chance to live a much longer life, aside from other people who does not believe in God. It is very important that we have a very good connection with GOD for he is the reason these pandemic is here for us people to test and for he is also the reason these Corona virus will end. It is just important to trust in GOD.


Vaccine has a very big help to be able to avoid sickness. And although the vaccine for the Corona virus is not yet totally developed there is some available vaccine for Hepatitis B, Flu and other Pulmonary diseases that for now we can take for our healthy measures.


Some believe that drinking alcohol is one way of killing the Corona virus in your body but actually it is not. Alcohol is destroying our brains, veins and liver. So it is much better not to drink and don't wait for the time that you will regret it at the end.


The job of a doctor is to save our lives, so that he teach us on what we need to be able to test on our body. So you should consult your doctors and make some blood test, urinalysis, x-ray and ecg at least every one to two years.


Based on the experts, even a little amount of time you spend exercising will help a lot to have a better health conditions. Walking, go up and down your stairs and cleaning your house is enough just to have an exercise for your body to keep you well.


In these times of pandemic it is important to have a good communication with other people around you and having someone or have a partner in your life is very important. On some research by some experts they said married individuals have longer lives compare to those not married people or living alone in their life. Because you have somebody to hold on to especially when the times that you are sick.


I know in these times being positive especially in the covid swab test is very scary thing to happen, but one thing is you must always stuck in your mind and brain that despite all of this trials you must always be thinking positive on your daily life think positive that every will be okay in near time soon. Always think of ggod things for yourselves and for others. And it better also to watch and read only of some good and positive stuffs.


Based on the research the people also is helpful to others had become much happier in life and much healthy compare to others. That we all know that every people in the world even you are rich or poor are all affected on this pandemic but if you think to yourself that you are much blessed compared to others it is much better to share that blessings like donating to some charitable institutions.

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And take extra measure to be safe. Just because there is no COVID case in the area where you live, you'll be reckless already when going outside, still wear the protective equipments needed to keep yourself safe from the virus.

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