The power of White

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For sure when you are young you also have tried to look up in the sky and count how many airplanes have passed by in the whole day. But have you ever wondered why is that almost all the airplane that passing by is color white. Why is that their is no other color than white? It could be color blue, red, green and any other color. But did you know that there is a very deep explanation behind it on why almost the airplanes are color white. So on this article of mine I will share to you on why it is almost all color of the airplanes are white.

*White Reflects Sunlight*
The first reason why it is always color white the color of airplanes because of the thermal advantage that color white gives. The color white is the only color that can able to reflect all the other colors into light spectrum. If an other color has been used it will absorb the light of the sun and the body of an airplane will get hotter. When the body of the airplane outside gets more hotter it means that the air conditions units of the plane must use more stronger to maintain the cold temperature inside the plain. If they will not do it the passengers will be uncomfortable and for sure will complain about their experience on riding the airplane company. Also the airplane can have damage from solar radiation if not the color of an airplane.

*White Doesn't Fade*
The condition of the weather does affect the paint because it causes the fading of colors. If the airlines will use other colors than white they will need to do more of re painting because of the other colors usually faded easily. The average size of an airplane are using 64 galoons of paint. We all know how high is the price of an paint add to this the payment for manpower for painting the plane. It usually takes 2 to 7 days the painting of an regular airplane and the labor cost is depends on how many days it will take to finish.

*Damage Can Be Easily Seen*
Airplanes should have a regular checkup it's condition on either there is a damage or something to repair. And it's much easier to check if the color of the plane is white because usually the color of dents, scratches, oil leaks and other are dark colors. It takes only a little amount of time to check all of this because of the color white of the plane compare to other colors. Aside from this when the plane is landing or going to take off passengers are encourage to open the window it is a standard operation procedure to see whether the plane has a damage while landing or take off.

*White Reduces Bird Strike*
Bird strike is when a bird or birds hits on a airplane. Bird strike have a significant threats to an airplane or aircraft and also causes great danger to the poor bird that will be hitted by the plane. The airplane white color has a very big help to prevent some kind of bad situation like bird strike. Based on a studies that has been published on Human Wildlife Interactions the white color of the plane helps to be recognized by the birds. The birds will think that when they see a white airplane they think that is also a feathered animal and they will get away by it. On the other side when an airplane use darker colors the birds have lessen ability to detect it.

So that is all about my article for now I hope you learned something and helps you in some matter, thank you so much and let's all be safe. Ciao!

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