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3 years ago

Since the start of the lock down here in the Philippines and some Community quarantine every people or mostly cannot go outside and only those the one with quarantine are be able to go outside of the house to do some buying of groceries in each house or if not important what you are doing is better don't go outside because of the danger that the covid19 disease may cause on our health that brings pandemic all over the world now.

So to be not so bored in the house some people find ways to do some things that they don't usually do or they just tried to do because there is nothing to do like compare before the quarantine they don't have the time to do it. Like some have tried cooking and baking and other things. While me aside from my bonding with my family every each day i watch also movie and tv series on netflix and one of the series i watch i will share to you now.

I was really hooked of those zombie thing to watched like the walking dead, so i started to watch this korea novela with a twist of violent and horror. This is The Kingdom which made by Koreans the story is based on a crowned Prince. His father which is the king have been severely sick and never be seen for along time in the public that's why the crowned prince started to investigate.

He go to the palace and meet the Queen his step mother and that time he knew that the queen is having a baby with his father. The Queen said to him that the king is still alive and just need time to recover from his illness. The crowned prince did not believe and his right hand knows something that the palace have been hiding something. His right hand give him the medical journal which all the medical attention of the King is written on it. He noticed some fishy things about what is written over there. That this physician that written on the last part of the journal is no longer working there in the palace. So they decided to travel and find this physician to reveal the truth behind his father's real situation.

In the story the King Is already dead and just give some medicinal plants by the said physician to bring him back to life but it went wrong it's true that the king was brought back to life but as a monster or as a zombie flesh eating creature and the family of the Queen her father is the head magistrate hide the truth until the Queen give birth to a baby boy. But the truth is her daughter is not really pregnant they just make story to be able to delay and stop from the crowned prince to get the throne from his father the king. As to that the Queens father take care of some pregnant girl and waiting for who is going to give birth of a baby boy.

Meanwhile the physician who turned the king into a zombie returned in his village with a body of his assistant who was been attacked by the king. In his village who has been a sheltered by wounded people as already no food left so one man there have cooked something and prepared special food for all the people there and one nurse discovered that his friend who died that her body is there in the food that cooked by the guy. So it appears that the body was already infected and all the people that eat have turned also into a zombie and that's the start of the epidemic of turning humans into a flesh eating monster.

For now i just watched two episode in this very good series. Very creative idea from the writer of this having the story of greediness for the power and having also the epidemic of the zombie effect really hit as now that we are in the middle of the world pandemic by covid19 for now i will watch the other episodes and published some articles about it thank you.

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