"The Killer Song"

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"And now the end is near" this is the lyrics on the first stanza to the song that is written by Paul Anka and song and popularized by Frank Sinatra on the year 1969. Followed by the lyrics of "and so I face the final curtain" that meaning of the end. The title of this song is "My Way" that many Filipino have said that this song bring a curse because this song have ended the lives of so many Filipinos that tried to sing this song. But how could it possibly happen that one song could be the reason of the death of an individual? And is it really true that even the original singer of this song Frank Sinatra actually hated this song? And in this article of mine I will share to you the story about the mysterious song so let's get it on.

You know it is very natural to us Filipino people the love in music, even though old or young people when we started to sing for sure you will be amazed on us. But one song have bring a lot of fear before in the Philippines, because of a lot of cases of murders has been tallied only because of this song. And this is the song "My Way" by Frank Sinatra.

It is also one of the reason why videoke has been in the Philippines before, that a lot videoke bar has also closed because of this song. But actually the story behind this song is really not scary, and does not have any black magic.

The song my "My Way" is originated from a song French with a title of "Comme D' Habitude" which means in English language "As Usual". According to the website songfox when Paul Anka goes to France and he heard the song, he like the rhythm and he re write and make an English version of the song. And after that Frank Sinatra started to record it on studio on December 30, 1968.

In the version of this song the theme is a man looking back on his life way back before without any guilt on all he did and all decision in his life.

Despite of the very nice meaning of this beautiful song, in the Philippines this song actually became a nightmare. Based on the report of the New York Times and the Vintage News on 2019 there is already 12 persons has been murdered only because of this song.

One person that has been killed is the 29 years old Romy Baligula, he was shot to dead by a security guard in San Mateo Rizal in the Philippines on 2007. Based on the report Romy is singing the song totally out of tone and the suspect got irritated and directly point his caliber 38 pistol and shoot Romy to the chest that caused his death.

One year after the incident a news has come again because of this song but it did not happen in the Philippines, the incident was in Malaysia. The name of the victim is Abdul Dani. Based on the report Abdul has reserved a lot of songs in the karaoke for him to song and the last one is the song My Way. For a long of period of time he is the only one singing in the Karaoke bar that is why too much people has been angry and irritated on him. And when the time passes by almost the people in bar is totally drunk. In the last song of Abdul an incident happen that nobody could imagine, in the middle part of his singing of the song My Way a group of men from other people has come to him and stabbed him until death with a knife.

On 2010 this song make a news again of a lost of life of an individual. The name of the guy is Mike which the incident happen in Pampanga, Philippines.

And on 2014 the GMA News have made a report on National Television in the Philippines that they called " My Way Strikes Again" based on their report the incident happen in Legazpi City province of Albany Philippines where there are two men who are having a confrontation in a another karaoke bar on who will be the one singing the song My Way. They got on a heated argument that caused on a fight and one life has lost because of that.

Because of the unusual number of reported cases of killings in the Philippines because of this song the videoke bar has been banned for a while. But just only after a week the ban has been lifted right away.

Based on the studies the reason why the fight has started is because of the out of tone voice of the one singing it and fighting with the microphone on who will sing first. In other side a lot of people have think that the curse from this song have already ended because a lot of years has passed and no more news or accident has been reported about the song that has been dubbed as the "Killer Song"

But unfortunately on 2018 one guy who is 60 years old was been stabbed to death by a 27 years old guy who is both neighbors only because of the song. Based on the report the victim has get the microphone dorm the suspect while the song is playing that resulted to the incident.

But did you know that Frank Sinatra the original singer of this song actually hated this song? On an interview on year 2000 on a program in BBC which is the Hard Talk the daughter of Sinatra named Tina said that his father really don't like the lyrics of the songs because of the theme of being selfish and rude.

But in my own opinion I think all that happens is just an coincidence and not really the song is the reason of all the incidents may be it is just because also of people being so drunk or what so ever. But if ask you my dear read.cash friends do you really think that the song My Way has a curse? So just comment down and let's talk about it.

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I also think it's just coincidence and there is no connection to the song itself

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3 years ago

Yes indeed it is just a coincidence to all this happenings.

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3 years ago

I am sure there are more songs people sang or heard which caused death. How about "I don't like Monday's".

Songs, the lyrics, have effect on people just like the words of a preacher and I am. People kill others and themselves for all kinds of reason but the main one is it's enough and a song fits great to the state of mood people are already in.

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3 years ago