"The beauty in the Eye of the beholder "

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Your eyes are the one who speaks truth on your personality, it said that it reflects our emotions and what we are truly thinking. Every each person like us have different color of the eyes that are genetics from our parents and reflects also the person characters based on the eye colors and shows how are brain functioning that are proven by studies of some experts. So in this article of mine I will share to you your eye colors meaning, your characters and all about you.

Green Eyes

The people who have green eyes are the less number of percentage that have in our world. It means they have a very young personality so that is why they are very attractive on people anywhere they go. The people who have green eyes are also showing being mysterious and magical traits. Addition to it their traits of being smart, very interactive in their surroundings, and happy on his life. So that is why a lot of people are interested and attracted with people with green eyes, but they are very fast to get jealous when it comes to relationships.

Hazel Eyes

When we speak about the color hazel you will see their eyes with color brown and combined with color gray that is very different. Their characters are very positive, loveable, and like to travel and like to try different kind of things and very adventurous. They are also brave but they are hard headed.

Gray Eyes

They are gentle and wise people, very serious in the work and in love life. So that is why what ever challenges they are facing in their life they are very strong and not easily to give up.

Blue Eyes

They are the judgemental kind of persons, that is why they are not that much expressing their self. They are very fun to be with, peaceful, smart, kind and very happy individuals. When it comes to a task that need strategy they are very good at it and very focused. It also said that the persons with blue eyes are very charming, very attractive and calm.

Light Brown Eyes

They are easy going people and fun to be with, they are very independent and kind and loveable to all their friends. That is why they have less concern on all material things in the world. They have a very high confidence on their selves but even though like that people who have light brown eyes are still having a hard time to express their real self to other people.

Black/Dark Brown Eyes

They have mysterious identity, very high self confidence and also have a traits of being a leader, responsible, dependable and a very good friend to be. But they are secretive so that is why they like to lend their helping hands to others to. When it comes to work their are very hard worker, simple, and very positive thinker and passionate.

So how about you my dear read.cash friend what is the color of your eyes? Do you agree on what I said on depending your traits about the color of your eyes? Just comment here in this article of mine and let's talk about other traits you know about people with different eye colors.

So I will just add some very interesting facts about our eyes, if our eye is a camera it can reach up to 576 megapixels. In a span of 1 year their are estimated that your eyes are blinking a total of 4,200,000 times. Did you know that all new born babies don't see any colors that they are color blind? Which being color blind are most common to men's. Also you can noticed that the new born babies don't have tears in their eyes when they are crying, their tears started to show in their eyes when they cry after 6 weeks when they we're born. The worms don't have an eye. It is amazing that the eyes of an ostrich is much bigger than their brains. Snakes have two kinds of eyes that have different function, the first eye is use only to see while the second eye for them to see the temperatures of an living things and it's movement. There are peoples who are afraid of eyes which is called "ommathophobia". And for the last fact do you know that owl cannot move their eye balls? That is why you will notice that they are turning their heads around to see the surroundings. So that is all Thank you!

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