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The most popular sports in the Philippines is the game of basketball, and it really have a million of fans and maybe billions love this game all over the world. There is a lot of popular sports all over the world like volleyball, soccer, boxing and a whole lot more. But actually there is some sports that I think you will only know that evolves, because it is very un usual and very different. So in this article of mine I will share to you the 5 sports that only now you will know so let's get it started.


Yes actually read it right, there is actually a sport that is called chess boxing, and it is a sport that you will literally play chess and boxing at one match. It has a total of 11 rounds, the first round of the match is 4 minutes playing time of chess. After the first round of chess match the players have 1 minute time to wear their boxing gears, because the second round of this sports is a 3 minute boxing game. In the next round which is the third the game will come back to play chess again then after it will just back again to boxing alternately every round until it reached the final round of 11 rounds. This sport is literal fight of mental and physical strengths, it is also literal combination of the 2 sports of boxing and chess. The winner of this sports was decided when a player knocked out his opponent in boxing or either he checked mate his opponent in the game of chess. In case that no one has been knocked out or have been checked mate the winner will be decided through the points in the score card of the boxing match. This sport is very entertaining and fun to watched.


Are you one of the person who wish to be inside a big bubble and run around and roll over the places? Well this sport is very fits and matched to you. This sports is for the thrill seekers because you can say that the action in these sports is very different. Inside a big bubble you will roll over down to a slop to hit a target. There are 2 kinds of zorbing one is that you are harness inside with 3 people together with you. And the other one is with out harness that you will really roll out of what will happen to you. Despite of what you will experience inside the bubble this game is still very safe to say and it can be play also on water. This game actually started in New Zealand in the mid 90's.


Have you carried your wife in a long distance of walk? It you get hard time while doing it well you are not in for this kind of sport. This sport is called wife carrying and believed it or not this sport is joined by lots of couples all over the world that is done in the country of Finland. In these sport the male will carry his wife through his back and will passed by different obstacle courses that includes sand track and a deep swimming pool. It has a rule that your wife weight should not be less than 49 kilograms. If you think that this sport is easy, well you are wrong my friend. Because of the weight of your wife you carry around your back and the obstacle courses you will surely lost your energy and get tired. The winner of this sport will get a merchandise and statue from the sponsors of the sporting event.


Cheese is actually been used in this sporting event that originated in England. One cheese will throw and will be rolling over in a hill and the contestants will run and try to recover the cheese. In this sport it is literal that you will roll over around together with the cheese. But despite when you look at it that it is dangerous still a lot people mostly tourist are joining this cheese rolling championship. Before you need to get and recover the cheese to declare as a winner, but the cheese is very fast going down to the hill a lot of people got injured or accident on it. That is why they changed the rules of it and instead who goes to the finish line from the starting point of the hill wins. The prize of the winner is the cheese that is together rolling down with them, and the cheese weighs around 9 pounds.


It is a literal toe to toe match up between the players of this sport. The 2 players will need to lock up their toes in their foot. And they need to forced to push outside the arena the toe of their opponent. It has been a regular sport and already had an event of toe wrestling championship, that actually started way back 1976. This sport originated in UK. It only just started as a past time but it has attracted a lot of people it has became a regular sport and and really this sport is very different. Also in this sports they have a defending champion that is very good in toe wrestling and became a legend of this sport.

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sport is an art and we find human existence through these spoort

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Yes and we humans since early days have discovered already a lot of different kinds of sports.

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