Some rocks and minerals

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So first what are the rocks and minerals rocks come in many different size,shapes, And colors but they are all made up of pieces called minerals. What the rock is like Depends on the minerals it contains. There are three main types:igneous,Sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. Now these are information About the three main rocks the first one. Sedimentary rocks form when layers of Sand or mud are dried and crushed together. Gradually they form a new layer of Rock example of it is a Sandstone. Now the second which is the Metamorphic rocks Form when existing rocks are heated and squeezed example of it is a Marble. Now the third one is the Igneous Rocks are usually hard they form when molten magma Cools example of it is a Granite. Now lets talk about the minerals are made up of Different elements.Some minerals such as gold contain only one element but in Most, two or more elements combine. If you look closely at some rocks,you can see The different minerals they contain the three more examples are Feldspar,Biotite,Quarts meteorite crater happens when a meteorites hit the earth They melt or shatter the rock where they land. Volcanic heat as lava forces its way Through the earths crust,it heats and crushes the rocks nearby the heat and the Pressure change the whole makeup of the rock. Now its time for you to know the Reason why our lands shatter its all because of the mega huge Tectonic plates the Earths crust is broken into sections called tectonic plates these move very slowly,Carried by the rock beneath them. When tectonic plates move towards each Other, they squash layers of rock and now thats it for now The End.

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