Six countries that are having more sunlight than dark

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Since the have removed the pointing system in their platform I've seen and read lots and lots of articles that are very entertaining and have a very nice content. And that challenges me to push more to do some interesting and good articles like others did. Well in this article of mine I'am sure that you will be amazed on this article of mine that i will share to you. It is about the places in the world that did not experiencing sun set and it takes for a lot of months. It is really hard to think and to believe but this is the reality. This places are very in the North Pole part of the world, that is why they were faced in the sun it took a lot of time again before they experience sunset. I'am sure that you are interested already to know what places are this. So lets get it on!


Finland is very famous and known as the happiest country in the whole world. It is because the quality of service that the Finnish are getting from their government. One example of this is having a free education on all levels even until College. The Finland is also the country who drinks coffee the most, they can drink eight up to ten cups of coffee each day. It is called the Land of Thousand's Lake because these country have 187,888 lake in their territory. These country did not experience sunset for a total of seventy seven days when it is summer time, that is why you want to go on Finland for a vacation to experience the long time of not having a sunset you should schedule your stay in the month of April until August.


You will also not experience the cold dark night from May until June here in Alaska. This is where you could see the longest and shortest sun rise in the whole wide world. In Bero Alaska when the sun rise on the 10th of May there will be no more sunset for almost three months. But when the sunset on 18th of November it will not rise again for two months. Besides of that Alaska is also known for a place that have too many glaciers. Aside from the glaciers the view of the mountains of Alaska is very nice the snow on top of it while it was hitting by the sun light.


You can experience the sun here for seventy six day from May until July. And for sure you will get tired from looking it because you will see it for 20 hours in a single day. While from the 23rd of April until 23rd of August the sun are shining on Svalbard, Norway because this is place is can be seen in the Northernmost part of Norway also in Svalbard you have to carry a weapons when you are going out and it is prohibited by the law of the government it is for the protection of the people from some aggressive bears in the place. They are also known as the happiest place on earth that you should live.


Canada is known as the second biggest country in the planet. they are next to Russia if you are going to measure the total area. Additional information is including to total areas are land, air and the aquatic territories. One of which they are very known for is their weather that have a very cold weather. You will be amazed because lots of places here are has been covered by snow for almost a whole year. There is not sunset in Canada for 50 days when they are in the summer season. In Canada also you can find the longest coast line in the whole world, which was recorder with the total length of 202,000 kilo meters.


You can also see the sun in Iceland in the months of May until July which you can see in the horizon of Iceland. It also said that it is very nice to live there because there is a lot of beautiful views and places it also becomes more beautiful and looks like paintings when it has sunlight. This country is very interesting because you could not find any forest or a McDonald's restaurant any where you search. The people here does not use surnames. And they are the last in the world to have permanent sectors or people that become their permanent residents it is because, Aside from this Iceland does not have Army, Navy or Air force and even the policemen does not carry any guns because of the crime rate here is very low.


The sun in Sweden is not sinking until midnight and it will rise again on the time of 4:30 AM that is why you could see the residents here to eat their dinner late at night that is usually around ten in the evening. They are used to in this habits because they are not experiencing late of time because of the presence of the sun. Beside from these a lot of forest you can be find in these country which according to some research almost fifty percent of Sweden are forest part. But what is really the scientific explanation why these country does not experience sunset.

The country that not experiencing sunset is normal to those who are near in South Pole and North Pole. It also said that the planet earth is slightly tearted that is why when the earth is rotating and the other pole is been hit by the sun the other pole will not experience it. That is why the country that is near to North Pole and also the continent of Antartica that is much near to South Pole are much longer experiencing sun. How about you my dear friends which of these countries you would like to visit or you already been? Comment down below and let's talk about it. Thank you and keep safe every one.

This Photo was taken in Geiranger Island.

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