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Sex in the day or night?

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2 months ago

In this article of mine i will share to you on which better time to have sex is it in night or on the day? When it comes to the hormones and testosterone of male it is much higher in the time between 6am to 9am so it means the male has much longer capacity to came out. For female there is no difference it's just the same either day or night when female cames out their hormones.

There are some benefits we could get when we do sex in the morning, makes you much happier, creates good bonding with partner, enhances immunity, good for skin and hair health, improves our blood circulation, rejuvenates you, lessen the pain and also burn calories in our bodies. Morning sex burns 5 calories per minute. And also it makes you very alert because you have good rest in the night.

Good benefits having sex in the night that your daily task are all done like going to work, cleaning the house taking caring of your children and some house hold chores that having sex in the night is much advisable to those who have a busy career especially in the morning. And after a long day of work you prepared yourself to have a good night sex with your partner by taking a bath. And after having sex at night our brain releases hormones of prolactin that helps us become relax and sleeps faster.

So those are some benefits of having sex in the day and in the night. And here are some benefits of having sex for men, sleep properly so your toes testerone will not go down and also for women that their home estrogen will also not go down.

Sex is very important for partners and also good for the health because it releases oxytocin and dopamine that makes the mood of a human very good, gives happiness, releases stress and makes them more contented on theirself if they have a partner to hug anytime. And mostly to males who are much visuals that they always want they partner looks pretty and attractive. And lastly to be always stay fit when it comes to having sex you should always maintain your proper weight of your body, slqyit smoking cigarettes, drugs and alcohols the more we are fit the longer you can last on bed on having sex with your partner. Thank you!

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Written by   130
2 months ago
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