Roblox Anomalies

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3 years ago

Hello there this is just a gathering of the happenings around Roblox that is either Bad or good well here we go 1st Roblox Banning people for dumb reasons yeah you Read it right well unfortunately Roblox is banning a lot of people for stupid reasons Like they said the word Fat they call a friend that is name is Fat they got banned and. 2nd Roblox Support System is almost useless they dont even research more or find More proofs for some banning and yeah a lot of people got banned and never got Their very account well sad but real this is Roblox now. 3rd Roblox Fake Parent Banning yeah a few week ago the Fake Parent Banning in Roblox is been a big issue Lots of Roblox players just randomly or surpisingly got banned and yeah the Fake Parents emails Roblox that they wanna get this specific account banned or Terminated. Well yeah a lot of Roblox Players and Youtubers got their accounts got Banned and yeah it was just sound really stupid that when a fake parent emails Roblox to do that and instantly ban it and thats it done. 4th Hackers a lot of hackers Are freely roaming Roblox and yeah they will hack a rich Roblox account and sell all Of its limiteds and spend all of its Robux which cost real money thats just sad and The worst is they will make that account banned and its the hackers doings. And also They never got their account back again 5th Roblox Scammers yeah a lot of bots in Roblox is been roaming a few weeks ago spreading and spamming the links that they Have and leave in 1 to 3 seconds that is so fishy it says free robux and all they want is Some visits on their websites and yeah a lot of people are falling to scams. and yeah Thats it for this one we will see all of the coming things events and more on whats Gonna happen to Roblox well bye.

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