Road to NBA Finals

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Four teams remain after an incredible upset has been made by the Denver Nuggets as they shocked the Los Angeles Clippers and the whole NBA Community by climbing back from a 1-3 deficit to win the series in the do or die Game 7 yesterday as they did in an very amazing way that before that they won first on another game 7 against the Utah Jazz on the first round and now they are up again on another and much bigger challenge as they face LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference Finals which game will be held a day after tomorrow.

The Nuggets have been in the WCF after a decade now last time when the Nuggets lead by Carmelo Anthony bring the team but just lost that time also on the team of the Los Angeles Lakers which they are going to face now which led by that time by the late Lakers Legend Kobe Bryant which the Nuggets have in mind to change the outcome by beating now the Lakers and make an another upset since the Nuggets are the underdog here. For the Lakers as they got a of rest for more than 1 week as they easily dispatched their semi finals opponent the Portland Trail Blazers 4 games to 1. I heard also some joke and lot's of comments from NBA fans that the Lakers will surely lost in Game 1 and then finished the series in 5 games just like what they did in the other first 2 series they had but one thing for sure this will going to be a very good and fantastic series to watch my prediction to this series is the Nuggets will win 7 games. RESPECT!!!!!

As we go to the Eastern Conference Finals which already started a couple of days ago which the Miami Heat are now on the lead 1 games to none thanks to the Bam Adebayo big block shot on the dying minutes dunk attempt of Jason Tatum. For the heat this is the first time again for them to be in the ECF since LeBron James leave the team in 2014 and before and before they that do that they just make a really big upset first by eliminating the number 1 team in the NBA the Milwaukee Bucks 4 games to one as Giannis Antetekoumpo chokes as now the reigning NBA Defensive Player of the Year and soon to be crowned NBA MVP is on the way out of his team as he unfollow the Bucks and all his team mates on Twitter and looking to join and to build a new super team as he cannot carry a team to a crow. Well as the saying goes if you cannot beat them join them.

As for the Boston Celtics the last time they were here in the Eastern Conference Finals was just only last 2018 where from that time they almost reach the NBA Finals not only for James and the Cleveland Cavaliers where they lost in Game 7 as they had already a 2-0 advantage before collapsing in seven games. And before they come here in the ECF they dethroned the Defending NBA Champions Toronto Raptors in a thrilling series in another game 7. As for now as they face the Heat in the series i can say that they are heavily matched up with each team as they have the same caliber to take it all the way to become an NBA Champs and i think it will go until game seven and i bet on the Miami Heat on this one.

So that it is my article about these exciting NBA Playoffs i hope you comment donw your opinion and who you bet on both of these series. Thank you so much!!!!

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