Paris France

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3 years ago

This is a place in the world that i think almost of all the people in the world want to go to. And i'm one of those people who dreamed to go there someday. And by chance in my life i worked as a seafarer in a cruise ship industry and luckily for me i have a chance to visit and travel the world for free as perk for working in cruise ship.

And when the times come that our ship was dock in Marselle France i did not let the oppurtunity to past by not going to my Dream place to visit which is Paris France is timing that my duty that time is night shift so i was already off duty at around 6am and we dock at 8am. As soon as the ship dock in Marseille we go outside direct of the ship and rent a van to go to Paris it was actually a long drive which is 2 and a half hour to go there but the rest is history and finally we visit Paris we go in the very famous Eiffel Tower, Saint Petersburg church, the pyramid the lovers bridge and other tourist attraction there. It was once in a lifetime experience to be there in PARIS FRANCE.

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France is a really nice place, though never taught about travelling there. I also heard some positive words that it's most visited place in the world not so sure though. I'll looking forward to my dream country Thanks for sharing

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3 years ago