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"NBA Champions Prize"

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6 months ago

The NBA season just now ended it's pandemic season in the bubble in Orlando Florida, where LeBron James and his Los Angeles Lakers conquer the NBA crown versus the mighty team of Miami Heat last October. Now let's think about on how much really is the price for the the NBA team that will win the championships? And that it's all about what I'am going to share to you on this article of mine.

The NBA players is one of the richest athlete in the whole world, because of their contracts that are worth million of dollars. And also because of their popularity lot's of NBA players are getting hired by companies to promote their brands, and every teams in the league are doing all their best to win the championships. The whole sports industry in the whole world are generating 400 billion dollars, and a big part of it has been generate by the NBA or National Basketball Association, where their fans are paying thousands of dollars just to be able to watch their favorite NBA players. And to the fact that all the greatest players of basketball are playing in the league, millions and millions of fans are watching the NBA in television, cellphone and computers. And because of this streaming the NBA are earning money, well we could say that the NBA are earning a big amount of money when it comes to streaming of every games. Add up also the merchandise that they are selling, which they're market are not only in America but also all over the world. Also the league have income on their sponsors of brands of companies so that we could really say that one of the biggest income getters in sports is NBA.

And because of it's big income all the teams in the league are also have their shares given to them. So that is why they can afford to pay huge amount of money for their star players that cost million of dollars. Now let's go back on my main story of my article on how much an NBA team earning when they won an NBA Championship. And the answer is NOTHING!. There is no price money or cash prize for being an NBA champion. Only the trophy, championship ring and only the honor an team would get if they become champions.

But nevertheless it is not really they would not receive anything or as in zero that they would not get any money, or we can say it is just a bonus of winning a title. In the NBA there is a Players Pool it is based on the revenue of every games, that usually range up to 20 million dollars above, it is because of the tickets sales that are thousands of capacity of every arena of all the NBA teams and to the 82 games of the regular season. And from this Players Pool they will spread the bonus of every team that are making to the playoffs. The victorious teams are the ones who will receive the biggest shares in the players pool.

A good example was on 2019 the NBA have managed to earn 22 million dollars for the players pool. And when the Toronto Raptors and the Golden State Warriors faced each other in the 2019 NBA Finals both teams received 3.3 million dollars, because of the inflation that reached to 10 percent it increases to 3.6 million dollars. It will be divided into 15 players of each team in their rosters. So the players of the Raptors and Warriors get 240,000 each, a small amount of money compared to the contracts of the players that they get millions of money.

So now you know and we all could say that being an NBA Champion is not about the money that will be get but it is more about the glory and honor of the team together with all the players in the team. Thank you and I hope you enjoy reading this article of mine.

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Written by   131
6 months ago
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