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"Mysterious facts in outer space"

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3 months ago

The outer space is very big and only little part of the universe has been discovered, because of its unexplainable width. So in this article of mine i will share to you some shocking discoveries about the outer space that you will just now know about it.

1. Empty Planets

We are always wondering a lot of times about what if, if we can to other planets. But it is very different to other planets like Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn and Neptune, this planet have very different looks and condition. Because if ever you go to those planets you cannot able to walk, because it doesn't have solid surface that can walk through like our planet Earth. Only these planets have what they called liquid metal core that is why that is why it was formed as one planet. Also these planets are made up of gas that is why the ligthest planet is Saturn that has no any single solid surface.

2. Planet Pluto

The planet Pluto was came from the name "Greek God of Underworld" it has 5 moon in it's surrounding but did you know that if you travel into planet Pluto it will take you almost 800 years before you arrived. Because of its far distance from the earth of 4.5 billion kilometers.

3. NASA Space Suit

Other people that dreamed to reached to go to the outer space are also dreamed to wear a pair of NASA Space Suit. But did you know that the price of NASA Space Suit price is 12 Million Dollars. This space suit helps to maintain the temperature in the body of an astronaut. Because the galaxy is full of mystery it's rather part of it has freezing ice cold temperature, and some are very hot so this space suit is such a big help for such a very intense temperature. And also because of different built of body of astronauts the one space suit is takes more almost 1 year before it was made.


The moon have no horizons or atmosphere it means that it has no water and oxygen to change if ever the spots on top of it. So the markings or footprints of Apollo Astronauts that walked before on the moon are still intact and visible there even it reaches up to 100 million years also because of its freezing surface. But only the meteorites that hits the moon are the only thing that can change the surface or it's outlook.

5.Planet Mars

Planet Mars got its name by the meteological figure Roman God of War and it is the 2nd smallest planet in our solar system, where Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system. The sunset in Mars is color blue. Despite there is a lot of differences between the Mars and Earth, still the planet Mars has the closest similiraties on planet Earth. When you jumped into Mars based on the scientist it actually 3 times more higher than our ordinary jump here in our planet Earth.

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Written by   131
3 months ago
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