Mr. Meat

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Mr. Meat is a game made by Kepelerian games it is based on true to life name is John B. Jones he is a really different kid he was so great on school But his parents is so sadistic and his dad always beat him and one day his dad beat His mom and his mom supposed to send his father to the prison and when he was at His fourteen years old his mom died from a cancer at the age of fourteen Mr.meat Started to live on the streets but one day he was luckily hired as a worker on a Butchery and he also started to drink alcoholics and eating raw meat at the age of Thirty he John met Chloe which will became Johns Wife and one year after Chloe give birth to baby girl John was a Dad his life was changed and after four years of family Chloe was been tired of John Beating her and she find out that John was using drugs and too much alcoholics she Decided to have a divorce and John was been angry and killed her then he looked at His daughter he killed her Mr.meat poured acid on the Bathtub to dissolved the Bodies and of course he secretly eat raw meat then a few months later ten people Went missing and the us government did not care about this and one day 7 people Went missing and its because of him he take people who ever passes near his house And one day a Professor came into his which he called Mr.meat and of course for Dinner and he take her as an hostage and he said to the prof to get the books for About the DNA because he is planning to make some mutated meat and you get it Right he is planning to mixed to human meat and pig meat and he already succeed to Create a human pig or a pig human and he also mutated a pig that is carnivorous and Eats human meat and he is hiding the keys anywhere on his house and its Impossible to escape but one man decided to save the girl and bring the shotgun and He managed to saved the girl and imprisoned him with the help of the police and last Thing he collects human legs as a collection and eating their meat The End.

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