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Every year the beauty pageants such as Miss Universe are highly anticipated by many people all over the world, the battle of beautiful ladies from all over the world that also show casing their talents and brains in this yearly event. But did you ever think or wonder on where it is made and how much is the price of the crown in the Miss Universe beauty pageant? So in this article I will share to you how much and where this crown made so let's get started.
Miss Universe was founded in 1952 by a California based clothing company that are making Catalina's swim wear. The First Miss Universe Pageant was held on 1952 at Long Beach in California. The winner that time is Armi Kuusela which represents the country Finland. But Armi did not last long on the reign because she give up her crown to get married on that same year that she won the crown.

There is a lot of strict rules that implemented in the pageant that includes they cannot be pregnant while they are still the reigning queen. It also not allowed for someone who already have a child to compete in the pageant, that actually happens to 1957 Miss Universe winner Mary Leona Gage she was dethroned only one day after she was crowned as the new Miss Universe that year because she lied that she still don't have a child.

It also forbidden to join some aspiring contestants that are already married and that anyone who won already the crown but have a plan to get married she must gave up the crown just like in the case of the first Miss Universe winner Armi Kuusela.
The age qualification for those who wants to join the pageant is from 18 to 27 years old. And what shocking on this event is that if you ever won the title you are not allowed to get fat or you din not maintain your figure of your body or else the organizers will consider replacing you, it happens to the 1996 Title Holder Alicia Machado after she got very fat according to the news and take her crown away from her and then gave to the 1st runner up winner that time.

So let's get on my main topic, I know you had been so curious on how much really is the prize of the crown that are wearing of the Miss Universe winners. The crown of the pageant is called Phoenix Mikimoto Crown it was made by the Mikimoto Pearl company in Japan. It was made and desugnef3in the year 2000 and was worn first by the 50th winner of the pageant.

The Mikimoto Crown has a weight of 1.06 kilograms it was made of yellow and white gold with a size of 3 to 18 millimeters. The design is concepted with a tradition Asian design that is based on Pengwang Phoenix that came from the tradition of Japanese Buddhist. The crowned looks more elegant by the use of 500 diamonds that is almost 30 karats which also have 120 pearls on it. And because of this expensive materials of the crown it's prize is amounting to $250,000 because also of the expensive materials attached on this crown they have to put a security detail that is also attached on the crown to be able to track on where is the actual location of the crown.

On the 2019 Miss Universe Pageant they changed the Crown for the Winner of the Pageant, which they called the Power of Unity Crown. That is based on the nature, beauty, strength, feminity and unity that is made by Mouawad Jewelry. The new crown has 18 karat gold 1,770 diamonds that includes its beautiful center piece of shield cut golden canary diamond that weighs 62.83 carats. The petals, leaves and vines that you will see on it is are representing the communities of the 7 continent's that unite for the pageant that brought greatness and unity for each other. And this new crown is amounting to a prize of $5,000,000 imagine a prize of a crown on top of your head amazing. The Miss Universe is not just for pageant for beautiful ladies but it is also a platform to empowered people for a change, it also wants to bring good and positive effect on personal and tropical aspects. And to deliver positivity to all as an inspirational leaders and role models that the whole world will look up.

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