Michael Air Jordan

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Good evening to all of you guys who read this article of mine i'm inviting you all to please join my community to post about your favorite sports personality. To kicked off in this community i will post about the person who is very popular in the sports of basketball Michael Jeffrey Jordan.

Michael Jordan a businessman and a legendary athlete is a former player of the Chicago Bulls he is a 6 time NBA champion and considered to be the best baskteball player to ever play the game.

He started his basketball career in Laney High School after then he go to college to play ball in the UNC University of North Carolina where he give the tar heels 2 NCAA Championships before he decided to go PRO and was then pick by the Chicago Bulls as the 3rd overall pick in the 1983 NBA draft behind Hakeem Olajuwon and Sam Bowie.

As soon as he entered the league MJ becomes an instant superstar in the NBA because of the way and style how he play the game he have lots of energy and very high to jump and one of his career highlights is when he became a two tima NBA Slam Dunk Champion. MJ has lots of accomplishments in his career in the NBA he is the 5th all time in Scoring when hes career is over, he won 5 regular seasons MVP 6 Finals MVP a lots of scoring champion and ALL Star selection and also ALL star MVP as well and lots of lots of allocades that's why theres no doubt that he is really the GOAT Basketball.

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