Marquez wants to fight again???

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3 years ago

Former world champion Juan Manuel Marquez hints at the possibility of his boxing return after laying his mark on social media. In his Instagram post, Marquez was spotted with a trainer in a sparring session. Marquez showed his elegance and speed which led to the formation of the speculation of some boxing fans in its possible re-action. “Never let your guard down. The moment will come when you will know when to do the counter-attack, ”said Marquez who seemed to hint at a possible boxing return. Every time Marquez is mentioned, the name of eight-division world champion Manny Pacquiao is not lost. It will be recalled that Marquez knocked down Pacquiao in 2012 via sixth round knockout at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. That's why if Marquez takes action, his long-awaited rematch with Pacquiao will not go far. Pacquiao first announced that he was ready to face Marquez again to make up for his defeat. But Marquez did not bite it when it was still active. Marquez believes the fight is over and there is nothing more to prove for Pacquiao to fight again. Boxing returns are not new to boxers. Some well-known boxers have announced their retirement but are also returning to action after a few months or years.

If the comeback of Juan Manuel Marquez pursue he will be the next figther coming in out of retirement next to Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. who will be having a figh with each eather this month. And recently Oscar Dela Hoya who is said to be want to fight again in the ring in pursue his career not just an exhibition match.

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