Life's full of waiting

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3 years ago

  In these times of pandemic a lot of people have been really much affected especially in their financial aspects  Lot's of companies was been force to closed or stop operation that leads to unemployment of lots of peoples and individuals. That leads a lot of depression and anxiety. But then the government has undergo a promram to give financial help to those who are affected that has lost its job led by the DSWD they run the Sap program that gives 8,000 pesos cash assistance to those who are entitled to it.
    So then the distribution of the help begun as at first they gave the paper Barangay officials to distribute to those who are qualified for the benefits. And so on each Barangay have allocated a place to give the cash assistance. And as I watch on the news on television there is a problem on it, as still there is a virus that surrounds that I think they forgot it as they loose control of it as too many people have gathered to claim the money and as the line struck and the people have also forgotten social distancing as people are stick to each other not less than 1 meter and that is really really sad.
       The long line is such a big part of our life as all transactions in our everyday life is you need to fall in line, for example in the supermarkets to go to the cashiers and almost everything as I experienced today that I went to my schedule of medical re visit in the clinic today my schedule is 1pm to 2pm not like that before that it is up to you on what time you would like to come for your medical. So I think that it is good thinking that I will be able to finish as early as 2pm. But the struggle is real that until now 430pm I'm still here in the clinic and not yet finish.
     The waiting in line is such a big part of our everydays life that for example  you should have to wait for you turn in life to wait for the right time for you to achieve all your ambitions and goals in life. So we just always be humble and have faith in God. That is it for me today. While I still waiting for my name to be called to finish my medical. Take care every one.

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