Importance of Give and Take

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3 years ago

In life having a good connection with family members, friends and other people is very important thing specially nowadays that the whole world are in a unlikely situation because of the pandemic brought by the virus of covid19.

In these rough times that the world have been facing now there is a lot of good Samaritan stories that has been posted in a lot of social media platforms. Actually if you think all kind of people are affected of these pandemic even you belong to a rich, middle class or poor family all and each of the are affected. For those rich people some of their businesses has closed and stop operation especially mention to those who are in the entertainment industry such as bars, Ktv and comedy clubs that leads to lossing the job of some middle class people and while other some which considered as poor has became more poorer because of the lockdowns and closing of the economy in our country.

But one thing that what these pandemic brings positive is the nature of some people to be a good Samaritan to others who are in need of help and support especially financially. There some stories that we saw some policemen that instead of giving ticket because of his traffic violation to a young delivery driver instead he just give a warning to the boy and he gave his long time hidden money in his pocket of $100 to the boy as soon as he knows that the boy is working hard as deliver guy in these time of pandemic to support for his studies and to provide also for his family. Not only that but a countless of good Samaritan stories thar we seen on National TV and social media. But the reason why I personally picked that story in this article because you see what happen to the police officer after their stories became viral of what he did giving his own money even though he himself personally needs money because he have his own family to support but he did not hesitate to give his money to help a people that he thinks that need more help than him. And after that Good Karma has happened to him as one good Samaritan also who refused to published his name in public have given him money that amounting to $1,000, imagine he just give $100 as a help to others but good knows how good his heart and by the way of other people God sends a blessings to him that more than what he help to others. The story of his life that others should adapt is that when you give a help to some one with all your hearts and without any doubt is the more blessing's you will get in return.

As for my personal experience in life now in the past month I was hit by fever and flu with some muscle pain also, but I'am very thankful that my wife is there to take care of me. She let me drink my medicine in time and prepares me a healthy food every time as well as massaging my body. And now that my wife is suffering from flu I return the favor to her and now Iam the one who was taking care of her and all her needs just like what she did to me when I was sick. So in life and in a relationship it is very important that you know the meaning of Give and Take situation. So that is it for my last article today thank you and keep safe everyone.

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3 years ago