"How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse"

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Zombies are actually humans who is already dead and by some unknown mystery they came back to life as a flesh eating creature. Zombies have became very popular in movies which have a horror theme. But would you imagine if zombies became real what would you do? Then one day we woke up in a world that has a lot zombies. How can we survive if there is an zombie apocalypse?

Based on some researchers that if ever an zombie apocalypse have happen in our world, that in a span of 100 days of the apocalypse only 300 people will be remained not infected on it. But one good thing is zombies did not know how to swim so if you are in the rivers or ocean much probably you will be safer. And based on the movies that we watched zombies have different traits, there are some very slow to move, some are very fast while others still have their abilities and skills when they are not yet infected and alive.

The first that we should prepare on this knid of situation are the foods we can eat and waters to drink. We are lucky if we have enough stock of foods and water inside our home, so we did not need to go outside and find for it. But if ever we don't have enough stock of foods and water, always remember that we should not go to supermarkets with a noisy vehicle because it would attract the attentions of zombies and it cause you to become one of them.

The next step the we should do is to prepare the things that we need to use if ever we encounter or get attacked by zombies. As much as possible we should not go to gun stores, because in this kind of this situation all peoples are in panic mode and in a wild situation that you might get into a fight with others. So it's much advisable that we just make our own weapons that we will use for fighting with the zombies just like baseball bat, knifes and other things that you think can defend your life against zombies. We should also make some armor to protect ourselves using some things that we can saw in our surroundings so that we will not be directly biten by them when we are attacked.

The next thing we should do is to run. Or in other we should run away to places that are crowded because if ever one person got infected by the zombies it could spread to everyone in one place. So as long as you have a chance run far away and go to some places like mountains, forests and some island who don't have much people.

At the time you already evacuated to crowded places with lots of zombies you should need to find a place we're you could stay and hide with infrastructures that have very strong foundation or made of metal and concrete so that if ever there is a group of zombies that is trying to attacked you they cannot able to destroy your hiding place.

The next thing that you should do is to inspect every area on the safe house that you find, make sure there are no any holes that the zombie can enter. And if ever there are some holes make sure to cover it immediately. And try to put some blockage or anything that can prevent zombies to go to your hide out. You also need to cover all the windows because it is so easy for zombies to broke it.

If ever you already done all my tips and advices to you there is a very big chance that you will be safe. But unfortunately this is not ends at that because it will come to the point that all your foods and water will run out so you have to go outside to looks for your supply. You are lucky if your safe house have a near tree with lots of fruits or near with the rivers because you could get your supplies in places like that. But if ever there is nothing like that on your safe house, you need to be always alert in this situation because at this point you have no other choices but to go to some groceries store and supermarkets to get some supplies.

In situation like this prepare yourself to encountered lots of zombies and by chance you can meet also some survivors like you who are also looking for supplies. So make sure to cover your skins to protect you from bites of zombies. If ever you faced some zombies it is much better to avoid them and not to fight with them because it could get the attention of others and became a reason to attacked you with a large group of it. If you have already finished getting supplies there is a possibility that the zombies could get too much in numbers outside compared to the time when you enter a grocery or supermarket. In this kind of this situation there are only 2 things you should do, wait for the number of zombies to get less or secretly and carefully go outside in the place where you are. Don't make any kind if noise that can get their attention because if ever they hear some noise and noticed you, you don't have no other choice but to fight all of them.

And if ever you survived and came out alive you succeed and surely you can survive if an zombie apocalypse have occurred in our world. But I hope my dear read.cash friend it would not come true to have a real zombie apocalypse in our world because in truth it is really hard to live if ever it became reality.

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