"History of I love You Virus"

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" I love you" this is must the sweetest thing that you may heard from one person that you love. But this is not the feeling of all the victims of this computer virus. What really is this I love you virus? Who made it? And why it was said the most dangerous computer virus that cause a lot damage in the whole world? So in this article of mine I will share to you what is behind the story of the 'I love you virus"

One day there is a two guy whose named are Ronel Ramones and Onel De Guzman. Both of them are students that time of AMA Computer College, they are just 2 typical kinds of students to finish their studies in College. Onel has to passed his thesis on his class he proposed on what is called the Trojan virus, that means acting like a legitimate software that ever you have been attacked by it will destroy or will get all your private date in your computer such as passwords in your computers, but his teacher did not accept it and rejected by his school and on the last year of Onel De Guzman of his school year he eventually dropped out.

Well in this time they said that the virus structure has evolved, the worm virus that has named I love you virus or much popularly known as love bug or love letter.

This computer virus not only attacked in the Philippines but also over the world and his date of out break is on May 5, 2020. The said virus is attached in one email that titled love letter for you. So who will be not excited to read this email that somebody said i love you.

So what this virus actually does to our computer? For example you received the virus on your email once you opened it the visual basic script will be activated, in short the bbs are the command codes that commands one computer on what things to do. Once it run on your computer your pc has a big chance to be broken, and this virus also deleted some of your random files that has saved in your computer. But not only that these virus also command to open your window address book or the emails that saved on your computer and it will be the way for the virus to send a new I love you virus email on all of your email contacts. And that is the reason the virus has been spread not only on the Philippines but all over the world.

The place where the virus originated was in Pandacan in Metro Manila Philippines. At first they send the virus only one by one at each household because at the moment of time only few people's have their own computer because it is still very expensive at that time.

After it attacked some computers in some households later it had victimized also some corporate email systems of some.big companies that holds emails of another countries. That triggered the world wide outbreak of the said virus. The first country that was hit by the virus is Hong Kong. It has damaged a million of computers. Next is to Europe and quickly spread also to the United States of America.

The said I love you virus has caused $ 10 billion damages all over the world. That said amount is just an initial damage only not included the stoppage and deletion of the virus that costing to $15 billion and all of this is only for 10 days since the virus outbreak. Based on the records it has affected 60 million computers that a total of 10 percents of computers that connected to the internet on that time.

The clearing and removing of this virus has not been easy for the United States. To prevent the virus to enter on the Pentagon and CIA they decided to shutdown all their emailing system while the virus is still spreading all over the world. And that is why it is considered the most dangerous and vicious virus of all time.

And it does not end the legacy of this virus made by a Filipino, a lot of people say that this virus has been the inspiration of the Petshop Boys band in one of their song titles "Email" that has a lyrics of " send me an email that say I love you"

So what happens to the creator of the virus? On that time thatbthe virus has spread, their ISP or internet service provider is Sky Internet and the said ISP received a lot of calls from European Computer users, that they had been connected to the virus because their ISP has been used to spread the virus.

Then the ISP provider made a task force which Led by Darwin Bawasanta. This is to investigate and then it shows the name of two persons that is Ronel Ramones and Onel De Guzman they managed to locate the apartment of those two guys. But actually there is a twist in this stories.

Even though the authorities now already who is behind this I love you virus, they did not know what case they would charged to the two because at that time it happened there is still no laws that the two friend have done. There is an intensive investigation about what happened and base by the statement of Onel is he did not know the consequences of what he has done as he did not want the virus to be spread all over the world.

And after all the information collected and investigation that has been done the two are released from jail and the case has been junk by the court because of literally no case can be charged against them.

But the government acted very fast regarding this incident after just 2 months have passed they made a new law that called Republic Act 8792 or Ecommerce Law that will be used the same incident will happen.

And another question is where is Onel DeGuzman right now? I have read some om internet that he is hired by the CIA and NSA or National Security Agency that is based on US, also some said that he is now working in the Pentagon to protect the United States of America from computer virus attacks.

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Nice article, keep it up

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Nice article

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