Goodbye 2020

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3 years ago

Hello there i just wanna share some happenings in 2020 and 2021 well lets go 1st Things 1st in 2020 theres a lot of fire wild fires in the USA and yeah i think in other Countrys as well and.Now the explosion on Beirut which have did a lot of massive Damage which killed 100 people at that time and wounded lots of people destroyed Hundreds of buildings and. The volcano explosion at just the start of 2020 which Happened in Philippines and yeah it did a lot massive and devastating damage to a Province and yeah it was the Taal Volcano and now moving on.Were now on to the Black American Crisis which have did a lot of massive destruction and riot to America the thing is Racism will never die because there are bad people that keeps On looking down to the Black Americans and yeah now lets go to the next one.The Airplane bombing which is from the us and it killed 279 people on flight including 1 US government representative and its because they thought it will do something Really bad and yeah thats it for that airplane bombing now moving on.The next one Is about ofc Covid 19 which is still here and it even evolved or mutated which is Terrifying and also it has killed lots of people and its all really that bad because their Deaths are painfull and terrifying and also they die alone only their medic staff is There to see their end and suffering moving on to the next one.This is about Starvation it is a big problem since the Ancient times but now its even got worse Because of Covid 19 and some wars also the calamities and some unexpected Explosion which will really destroy the economy and us now i think this is it and Yeah i hope we all got some good times in 2020 and have a Happy Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

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